Quail + AISHA: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix


Over the past few months we have been focussing our attention on some of Glasgow’s most influential local DJ’s – we wanted to spotlight some of those who have worked hard behind the scenes to form residencies and develop their own pathways. 

Quail + AISHA are two residents at Animal Farm, a long running Glaswegian institution which has become widely known for its forward thinking approach to techno. As a party series Animal Farm has played host to the likes of Surgeon, Regis, Blawan, Anthony Parasole and Marcel Dettmann. However, these big names have often been shrouded and deemed secondary to the supremely talented local DJ’s who have breathed life into this party for many years. Animal Farm has become a place to channel the harder, darker fringes of experimental dance and electronic music and this is perhaps more so the case than ever before as this mix from Quail and AISHA demonstrates. 

Forget Monday, this one is all about the Friday night. The pair will appear this summer at Riverside Festival and are sure as hell to blow the roof off. 

Listen below:

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