Premiere: Ozel AB – Zeen

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Ozel AB 001 Sticker

Ozel AB launches his own imprint with a new four track EP.

There was a flickering glow which dazzled and sparkled atop the water of the lake. The last of the summer sunlight was beaming down warm and hot on the open expanse as swimmers took deep breaths and swam in what would be the last of the season.

It was magical up here in the mountains, some called it a zen like paradise. He’d spent many months here, sat by the side of the lake, sketching and drawing the sights and things he saw before him.

Never had he imagined that it might all come to an end quite so quickly for soon he would be back home amongst the tall buildings and the concrete constabulary.


Ozel AB is a producer who has released an array of forward thinking electronic and club focussed EP’s on the likes of Workshop, Lobster Theremin and Third Ear.

Now he is launching his own record label, an opportunity for him to showcase recent material and explore new sounds. The first EP features four tracks, with this being the A1 taken from the record.