Polar Bear’s Border Community / The Leaf Label Mixtape


Polar Bears are majestic animals, from what we've heard they only need to cover their noses if they want to remain unseen in the great white emptiness. As they traverse the endless landscapes, in search of the occasional kiosk or penguin, there's plenty of time to be spent thinking about music and all the wonders that can be found within the aural world.

The more adventurous among our polary friends won't have anything against trying out something a little bit different and further into the left-field, they've been well documented as fans of abstract jazz and anything with a minimalist touch – the latter seems somewhat obvious given the minimal nature of their surroundings. Every now and again, however, one of these mighty creatures is able to transcend the constraints of reality and head into the wider world – culminating in a career as a band that have all sorts of wonderfully peculiar quirks about them. On the rare, perhaps even unique, occasion that this does happen they're able to split into five equal human parts and perform live as though they were no different from mortal men – albeit with a hefty added amount of talent.

And so we find ourselves in the capable hands of Polar Bear and their inimitable drummer Seb Rochford, perhaps the signifier as the head of what once was a furry friend. The taste in music that Mr Rochford has is rather exquisite indeed and he's assembled a mixtape for us from a selection of The Border Community and The Leaf Label sounds that'll have your head taken right out into the centre of the mysterious tundra and warped into oblivion. Prepare to head further out than you've even been before as we head into the wilderness;

See Polar Bear and James Holden on 15th November at Electric Brixton – find out more here.