Moonilena: The ‘Monday Is OK’ Mix

5 Minute Read

A producer who has been on our radar for some time delivers a mixtape of eclectic melancholy bliss.

Swedish musician Moonilena has been a familiar face amidst underground circles for several years now having released poignant, emotive, sometimes dance focussed music on the likes of Belters and Studio Barmhus amongst others. In fact she actually recorded a mix for us previously.

However, around a month ago we were prompted to explore her new material by a good friend. Music which is removed from the club and explores the deeper, more pensive, fluid tendencies of her musical persona. Her new album ‘Minnet’ is forthcoming on Moloton and sees the Stockholm based audiology student focus more on the intricacies of sound design as she explores ambient textures across the LP.


So, this mix sits somewhere alongside that – an ode to the influences which have helped formulate a new musical perspective if you will.

Lose yourself this Monday in an array of thoughtful sounds.

Listen below:

Buy the new release HERE.