Molly Mouse: Pirate Mixtape 03

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The latest in our series spotlighting Pirate Studio dj’s and artists. This one comes from Molly Mouse who delivers a fun filled hour of uplifting House music which has us set for the weekend.

Coming from a background of music and soundsystem culture, Molly has established herself as a DJ with close connections to Good Company and Lady of the House following a number of releases.

Her sound is driven by the core principles of classic Chicago House music but is paired with new school sensibilities which has lead her to many a festival and international appearance over the years.


This one is for all the hip shakers, shufflers and two steppers. Sun kissed music built for the terraces and warmer climates.

This is the third mix in a our series which will spotlight artists from within the Pirate Studios community, one which does not disappoint.

Listen and read the interview below:

Who are you and how did you first become interested in (electronic) music?
I’m Molly Mouse, a DJ and Producer from London. I’ve been involved in the music industry from a young age as my family run the thunderous King Sound System! I play for brands including Forward Motion, Lady of the House and LoveJuice; with upcoming bookings at Ibiza Rocks, Creamfields, Wiki Woo, 93 Feet East and E1. I have released with Good Company and Lady of the House; with upcoming releases on Superfoxx and Superstore (Jess Bays’ label).

Describe your approach as a DJ?

I play and produce a range of house music; including punchy baselines, catchy vocals and old school flavours – I always get the dance floor moving and smiling! When creating a new track or set – I look at what’s been working well/ I’ve been enjoying recently, combined with my favourite tracks from a variety of labels for inspiration. I practice a set a couple of times before recording or playing live – I never play the exact set list but it helps me feel confident and find a nice journey & interesting transitions through my mixing. Working with my brother Jack and friends Funk Cartel on my production has greatly improved my skills and given me trusted ears to give me feedback on my tracks – which is so important throughout the process!

What influences you musically?

I was immersed in the music industry from a young age due to my dad running a custom sound system – my influences were broad from back to 89 soul & hip hop, old school house music and drum & bass squat raves. I first went to Ibiza when I was 16 and had my first local club booking at 18 – so many experiences across Ibiza and the UK have inspired me including Détaché, the Defected family, Music On and Paradise. In the past 5 years – being involved in programmes like Toolroom’s We Are Listening and parties like LoveJuice that book a lot of brilliant female artists, as well as discovering upcoming artists on SoundCloud – have helped me refine my craft. Artists like Sam Divine always being at the forefront of house music growing up has been a great inspiration – as well as artists coming through including Jess Bays, Alisha and Hannah Laing. DJing and producing brings me so much happiness and I’m enjoying every step of the journey – music is the answer to your problems after all!
What challenges have you faced as a musician or artist?
I think my number 1 bit of advice is that everyone’s journey is different and it’s not useful to compare yourselves to others but to take inspiration from those you look up to – remember it’s a journey to enjoy not a race to get somewhere. Consistency, hard work and being nice will all pay off. Also – I think there’s been a lot of pressure recently to find “your sound”, which is important but not something to get stressed about. Remember that your sound can still include diversity – DJs at the top of their game like Skream or Eats Everything are great examples of this.
You have a connection with Pirate Studios, explain what the space and studios offer you? 
I’ve used Pirate Studios many times for production sessions, collaborating with other artists or having a mixing sesh with friends! Also – I was lucky enough to play at my favourite festival Boomtown last year, in Pirate’s mini studio! Pirate always have amazing artist opportunities and I’m always keen to get stuck-in.
Describe the mixtape, which track in the mix is your favourite and why?
This is a mix of brand spanking new house tunes from some of my favourite labels, as well as SoundCloud edits I’ve found recently. My favourite track is Serenity (the last track) which is by myself and Émilie Rachel – it releases on Superfoxx Records today!
As a DJ what would you aspire to achieve through a set in the club or at a festival?
I always get the dance floor moving and smiling! I want to take people on an interesting journey of diverse, good quality house music in my sets; that gets them having an amazing time! It’s the best feeling to have a crowd enjoying themselves to your set and it means so much to receive feedback – I’m really looking forward to my upcoming bookings, especially returning to Ibiza this summer.