Lorca – The ‘Friday Feelings’ Ransom Mix + Premiere Of Ndlamu


Brighton based Lorca sees his second release on Ben Westbeech's Naked Naked label in December. We've got an exclusive premier of one of the new tracks off his Calcutec EP, Ndlamu (Alternative Mix).

Having seen a busy DJ schedule in 2014 with sets all over Europe including his debut at Panorama bar, Lorca also shows us what he can do on the turntables with an exclusive R$N Mix.

Developing on the momentum of his previous release, which gained support from the likes of Bonobo, Maya Jane Coles and Rob Da Bank, Lorca returns to 'Naked Naked' with three new cuts that have their eyes set firmly on the dance floor.

'Ndlamu' takes its influence from Africa, utilising hypnotic vocal chants over tribal grit, with this alternative mix moving into trippier territory as its rumbling bass line and infectious lead build to another well crafted break-down that is becoming something of a signature on Lorca's tracks.

Lorca – "Friday Feelings" Ransom Mix

Where are you?

In my studio in Hove, listening to some Mr Bongo 7's with Guy Andrews. 

Where was the mix recorded?

In my front room on some 1210's and a bag of records. 

Which track in the mix is your current favourite?

The 2nd to last track from Caribou's new album 'Mars'.

Those flutes…

What’s more important, the track you start on or the track you end on?

I think the opening track is important for a mix in this context, you want to draw someone in from the off. 

What were the first records you bought?

I bought my first records, some garage whitelabels, at BM Soho from DJ Youngsta. I was terrified of him! 

Upcoming in the world of Lorca?

My next gig is in London at Tuckshop with Mr Norman Jay. That's in Hackney at Number 90 Bar on the 28th November.

What do you think of the mixed genre concept ?

In terms of mixed genres at club nights I'm all for it. I think that the majority of people who go out to party on a weekend want to hear a selection of music. They aren't into any particular 'scene'. I'm into DJ's who play all kinds of stuff, DJ's like Daphni, the Mister Saturday Night guys. They always play a wide range of music from house to soul to techno. It keeps you constantly interested. 

How do you see your music fitting in with someone like Norman Jay?

He has such a diverse taste in music and the fact he's never really been pigeonholed into a certain genre. That's definately something I admire. Someone who's managed to have a successful career while constantly evolving. It should be a great night, with such diversity across the board.


You can catch the release party for Lorca's new EP at BM Soho on the 28th November. More details here