Jörn Wuttke: The ‘Ransom Note’ Mix


Frankfurt DJ, producer and label owner Jörn Wuttke has been around the block a few times, keeping his fingers in many musical pies over the years.

A stalwart of the electronic music scene in the city, Jörn's been part of many of the establishments and labels that have put Frankfurt on the map. From being a close part of the Robert Johnson family since its beginnings to co-founding Playhouse and sister label Klang Elektronik, these roots in the city still remain strong today, with his Klangfabrik mastering, arrangement and production studio opening in 2018. 

As well as remixing the likes of Daft Punk, Kylie Minogue and Depeche Mode, and making music under his Acid Jesus alias, Jörn is perhaps best known for his Alter Ego project with fellow Frankfurt producer Roman Flügel that operated until 2008, before becoming a label a few years later as a way of reissuing their back catalogue.

Rather than answer the questions we sent him, he's decided to take a different route and has provided us with an A-Z of essential ingredients for making his "Ransom Note" mix. The mix itself was recorded at Klangfabrik Studios, where Jörn remains an engineer, and from start to finish is a cosmic, euphoric trip that'll make you forget you're stuck at home this weekend… 

A – is for ARSE. Your tune has to kick it or you may lose it. Also ATTITUDE – all the best dance records are loaded with it, wether it be lust, love or euphoria.
B – is for BASS. The foundation and throb which fills the intestines. And BOLLOCKS – the two should go hand in hand. BREAKBEATS – for the final minutes in the mix. BYTES – cassette tapes for after hour.
C – is for CHEEK. Lots of it.
D – is for DANCEFLOOR – the target. DRUM MACHINE – a weapon. DISCO – the church. Drugs – all.
E – is for ECSTASY – the feeling. EARS – vital.
F – is for FOUR ON THE FLOOR – a popular species of G – GROOVE – also described as FUNK.
G – is for GROOVE – mostly four on the floor. GOOD TIMES – hopefully… GRIME – not happening this time.
H – is for HOUSE – the source.
I – is for IDEAS – less is more. INTENSITY – can't be high enough.
J – is for JOCKEY – Master of mixing and large credentials in production and remixing. JOY – the engine.
K – is for KEEPING IT SIMPLE. You better do.
L – is for LOW – the frequency and LOW KEY – Which will hopefully be LIFTING YOU UP.
M – is for MELODY – sometimes handy on a long trance stretch. Also MIX – level adjustment and fairy dust. MUTATIONS – welcome.
N – is for NEW – Always good to sound new. Also NATURAL – sound forced, false or desperate and you're fucked.
O – is for OMG – the moment when the bass drum kicks in after along ambient brake. ORIGINAL – you better are.
P – is for PUNK – still an essential ingredient in attitude if not dress. Q – is for QUALITY CONTROL. Hopefully exercised.
R – is for REMIX. Also RABBIT coolest animal hopping on earth. ROUGH – keep it dirty. RANSOM NOTE – always a good choice.
S – is for SEX. It does sell but not behind the decks. SIMPLICITY – !
T – is for TECHNO, a much abused term. Also TRANCE – the state, not the style.
U – is for UNDERGROUND – dance musics life support system.
V – is for VERSATILITY – smoke, drink, spin, dance, sing and look good. VELVET UNDERGROUND – the godfathers and the source.
W – WEATHERALL – R.I.P. – the master, the teacher and the legend.
X – marks the spot. XTC – the drug and desire.
Y – is for DIY – the punk attitude lives on – for better or worse – in the anyone-can-do it bedroom ethic.
Z- is for Zzzzzz. Not a desired effect. I would love everybody been wrapped in silken sheets while my mix is running.