“Inspiration comes in many different ways”: In Conversation with Lyric Hood


It’s not unusual for children to step up and get involved with the family business, but it’s not a regular occurrence that your family business is DJing and producing high grade techno.

It was back in 2014 that Lyric first took to the stage with her father Robert Hood during Movement in Detroit. He handed over the reigns to her, letting her DJ in the middle of his set under his Floorplan alias. A few years later Floorplan became a collaborative project, with Lyric and Robert working together both behind the decks and in the studio.

The harmonious “Tell You No Lie” was the first outing from the pair, after which Lyric began taking to the studio on her own, developing and going deeper into her own sound which has been showcased on her two EPs via Robert’s M-Plant label.

Following the release of her second solo EP Everything/Social Distancing, we chatted to her about expanding her creativity, inspirations outside of music and her favourite thing about working with her father.

Hey Lyric, thanks for chatting with us. How has the lockdown period been for you, both personally and creatively

Thank you for having me! Since the lockdown, it’s been life-changing personally. I have lost my Uncle to COVID-19 and I lost my Grandmother to Cancer. I’m grateful to have the family around me to keep me going. Being on lockdown and having things be the way they are has allowed my creativity to explode through the roof.

Congratulations on your recent EP on M-Plant. How did the release come together?

Thank you! It all came together on the couch actually. I was sitting around messing with a new piece of equipment. And that motivated me to take it to the studio. I go back and forth from the studio to the couch and even my room. Being in quarantine has definitely expanded my creative process. 

How does the process of working on music solo differ as opposed to working with your father?

When I work on a solo project it’s all me of course; that process makes me go deeper when I work alone. When we work together on a Floorplan project, sometimes I will work on the beat and he would work on the vocals or vice versa and one of us will add or subtract to the track. Contrary to popular belief we both have different ways of processing when it comes to producing. 

What’s your favorite thing about working with your father as Floorplan?

FREEDOM! The fact that we can do it together is incredible! I never imagined that I would be producing and traveling and touring with my Dad in my career. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to do this as one of my jobs.

Have you got a favorite bit of studio kit? Any new additions you’ve been working with recently?

I have my own personal kick drums, and samples I like to use. Since I co-produce for Floorplan I have separate sounds. I really don’t have a favorite kit. It changes from time to time. I like to switch it up. I will give a little bit, I enjoy using the DJS 1000 as a production tool. We have also been using the new DJMV10 as well. 

Where do you find inspiration outside of music?

Lately since we’ve been in quarantine, inspiration comes in many different ways. It sometimes come from watching the news or from our community. It comes to us when we least expect it and that’s what makes the music even more special. 

What would be your message to young producers who are starting out?

My message is to take your time and find your own sound. I didn’t know what kind of sound I wanted when I first started. I also experimented with different sounds. Don’t rush the process to become an artist.

We’ve seen the music industry landscape change drastically during the lockdown, what do you think are the biggest takeaways and learnings from this period?

I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason. Life is always changing. Only God knows what path we are taking in life. I’ve also learned to not live in fear. This pandemic might seem scary, but I believe that this is happening to show us all something different. 

Post-lockdown, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m definitely looking forward to traveling and DJing again. Hopefully and prayerfully we can go back soon. I’m also looking forward to seeing growth in myself and in other people. I believe that this is a time for everyone to come out of this renewed and restored. 

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