FWD>> 11th Bday >> Interview & Exclusive Horsepower Productions mix


Being from a House and Detroit bent, when the emergent dubstep and bass scenes were outing themselves it all seemed a little odd to me. The lack of a 4/4 almost left me cold… As this sound was taking shape way back at the start of the 'noughties', I had a friend that I worked with who was massively into this ever evolving new sound. I won't namecheck him cos I'll just sound like a wanker, but needless to say it was because of him that I began filling my ears with Plastician mix 'CDs' (futuristic we were back then) he used to enthuse about and this in turn led me to venture down to both DMZ in Brixton to consume the speaker splitting and bone shaking bass and to FWD>> at Plastic People with similar but more intimate, low-ceilinged rib-cage shattering frequencies emanating from the ceiling-high speakers of the now legendary instituion.
11 years on and haven't they done well. Bass in its more horrific forms now straddles the upper echelons of the so called pop charts the world over, yet FWD>> remains one of the true underground powerhouses, pushing borders and boundaries… ahead of their 11th Birthday this weekend we had a quick chat with the FWD>> founders plus we've got an exclusive mix from Horsepower Productions for your ears.

Hello FWD! So, you’re about to turn eleven – heading into that awkward gangly phase. Please tell us how it all started out…. Obviously you’ve got a strong relationship with Plastic People that goes back some time, can you tell us how that started and how it’s going?
We started at a venue called Velvet Rooms but as soon as we heard the sound system at Plastic we jumped ship.  Luckily Ade from plastic had randomly popped into FWD>> at Velvet Rooms & loved the music.  So when we asked we were allowed in!

With such a vibrant scene crystalizing around Fwd, you must have seen your fair share of big names coming through the ranks. Who are the artists you’re most proud to have helped develop?
All of them really, not always do we realize some of the people we have inspired and helped grow, Hatcha, Youngsta, Kode 9 really all the people on the birthday line up, Ben UFO, Oneman, Skream.
What exactly is your relationship with Rinse FM?
We love Rinse FM and listen to it all the time
You’ve got the birthday bash coming up, who have you got booked for that?
Left blank but pass your eyes over the leaked line-up at dubstep forum here
Do you envisage holding a 22nd birthday in 2023? What do you think we’ll be listening to then?
Yes we do, it will be all of what has come before recycled!
What do you make of the global phenomenon that dubstep has gone on to become?
We are more interested in the seeds that are born out of a music becoming commercially successful, we like the fact that the creativity in dubstep has gone back underground and are paying close attention to that
Please sum up the core ethos of what Fwd is about in one sentence….
The future sound of the underground
After the dust has settled on your birthday party, what are the plans for the rest of 2012?
Plastic people is currently closed for 2 weeks to do the final touches on the new sound system, we look forward to revealing our line ups and hearing the music on the new sound system.
FWD>> 11th Birthday happens in a warehouse over east somewhere tomorrow night 18th August. Full details www.ilovefwd.com 

Horsepower goodness below…


Horsepower Productions Exclusive – The Prequel Mix – FWD 11th Bday