Eskimo Twins – Ears Exclusive Mix


Eskimo Twins stopped by to furnish our ears with an exclusive ahead of their new EP soon come on Matt Walsh's very excellent Clouded Vision label.
There'll be a full interview soon come with em next week but for now you may like a little lowdown on what they're about… here you go then:

Meeting whilst students in Leeds, Eskimo Twins discovered a mutual appreciation of Techno, Classic House, Indie, Acid and a lingering teenage love of Metal; they began making music together.

Early demos generated murmurs of approval and earned them a residency at the hugely  Wax:On.

Summers spent darting back and forth between English festivals and Ibiza residencies coupled with winters spend in a dark studio full of old synths and

guest mix spot on non other than Radio 1.
Producing a more focused sound producing with their 3rd EP and a host of remixes for artists including Everything Everything, Justin Robertson and Peaking Lights and we're about up to date. Which is where their new 3 Days of the Condor EP Released 29/07/2013 via Clouded Vision comes in.

As we've already mentioned in said text above said lowdown there'll be a full interview with the twins next week but for now we'd recommend getting your lug oles round this cracker… there may even be a download in a few weeks if you're lucky. 
Peace, love and eskimos:

Tracklisting for this lil beauty of a mix:

1. Boards Of Canada – Sundown
2. Tornado Wallace – Desperate Pleasures
3. Henry Saiz – All The Evil Of This World (Hal Incandenza Instrumental Remix)
4. Eskimo Twins – 3 Days of the Condor (Pulp DIsco & The Outcasts 8th Circuit Mix)
5. Eskimo Twins – 3 Days of the Condor
6. Remote – Minos
7. JUNSHIMBO – Davide
8. Eskimo Twins – Modechine
9. Primal Scream – Invisible City (Daniel Avery Kill Light Remix)
10. Blondes – Swisher
11. Arttu – Hallu Ci Nations
12. Eskimo Twins- Fockewulf
13. Fuck Buttons – The Red Wing

Want to get your hands on the new single?