ELSEMIX: Michal Zietara


Next up in the illustrious mix series run by Berlin club ELSE is Michal Zietara – all round good guy, curly hair and a big heart. He has working behind the scenes at Renate & ELSE for time and is also a killer dj playing a broad remit of house, techno and abstract dance music. Versatile and groovy, he doesn't take life too seriously and neither should you. Michal Zietara is also the founder of Loser Records which has specialised in releasing deep moving house with personality and style. 

There's little more to say here but Michal's bio is well worth a read so see for yourself…

"Michal Zietara. If you book him, he will show up on time, he will not tell you how to do your job. He loves to play House Music and to make people dance with some special, special rhythms. He is curly, very curly, as he has VERY curlycurly hair! He also likes pierogi. Perfecting his technique in the local discoteques of Southern Germany, Michal moved to Berlin and found his way into Wilde Renate where he became their own Hermes of promotion and making party. Today, Michal works with the team at Renate while also co-managing his label, One Step Back Ahead. Many people have been to his parties, and some things have changed as a result. If you cast your eye over the dictionary, you will see that some small changes have been made in recent times:

An Amendment to the Official Definition of ‘’Fun’’: 1. Something that provides amusement; 2. Enjoyment or playfulness, 3. Michal Zietara."

Listen below:

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