DART: The Ransom Note Mix

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Dublin DJ and producer DART picks up the pace with an hour of techno.

Dublin has become a hotbed for creative talent, the city is evolving with grassroots communities and collectives seeking to push things forwards in the Irish capital. The dance and electronic music community is bubbling with more parties than ever before, later licensing laws and ambitious young labels and producers moving up the ranks.

One of these is DART – a DJ firstly who has worked hard behind the scenes to establish himself as a presence amidst the backdrop of the city and is now beginning to receive international acclaim.

Appearances on the likes of Boiler Room have been further cemented by releases on the likes of Shall Not Fade and on Hammer’s record label Remmah.


As a DJ he packs a punch, his sets are fast paced and rooted in the origins of house and techno. When we received the tracklist for this set we were very happy indeed to see tracks from the likes of Dj Bone and Freak Force on rotation.

Listen and read the interview below:

Please introduce yourself… Who are you, where are you and what are you?

Hi, I’m DART from Dublin, Ireland. I like to consider myself a DJ first before music producer as that’s what I started off as.

What does your music sound like? Can you draw what you think it sounds like for us (an image from the old internet is acceptable)?

I like to think of it as a mixed bag – somewhere in between techno, old prog trance and house!

Where was the mix recorded?

At home in my studio. Although it isn’t much of a studio as it’s still in my bedroom :).

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

Having some pre drinks before going to the club or even after. I mostly listen to mixes in the gym or driving the car, so give that a go too.

What should we be wearing?

Whatever you feel comfortable to sweat in!

What would be your dream setting to record a mix: Location/system/format?

Always in a club. You can never match having a crowd in front of you and reading the room. Mixes made at home just don’t cut it as much as live sets.

Which track in the mix is your current favourite?

Movin Melodies – P.A.R.T.Y

What’s your favourite recorded mix of all time?

Too hard to choose, but at the moment its – Job Jobse live @ Dekmantel.

If you could go back to back with any DJ from throughout history, who would it be and why?

Tony Di Vit one million percent! In my opinion the greatest DJ to ever exist.

What was your first DJ set up at home and what is it now?

A really bad set of belt driven turntables. At the minute I don’t have a DJ set up as I mainly play clubs at the weekend and create music mid week.

What’s more important, the track you start on or the track you end on?

I’d have to say the track you end on, as it should be the pinnacle of the night.

What were the first and last records you bought?

First: Fragma – Toca Me
Last: X club. – Say No More

If this mix was an edible thing, what would it taste like?

Sugar baby!

If it was an animal what would it be?

A white Dove 😉

One record in your collection that is impossible to mix into anything?

I actually played it in this mix. DJ Bone – Shut The Lights Off. For some reason the bpm just never stays the same?

Upcoming in the world of… Anything else we need to discuss?

I’ve got a really big NYE show coming up that I’m buzzing for. Keep an eye out for that one.