Darcey Electronics: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix


Earlier this year a new project emerged from Amsterdam made up of a pair of familiar producers operating beneath a new guise. Darcey Electronics is made up of Darling and Tracey, two stellar musicians in their own right who have each released music in various capacities over many years. Collectively they have released music on the likes of Aus, Safe Trip, Dial, Intergraded, Off Minor and Voyage Direct.

They both live and breathe music and operate amidst a collective of inspiring Amsterdam producers who have established their own take on dance and electronic music – channeling influences from house, techno, ambient and IDM. It is the latter two genres which perhaps best informed the pairs first release under the collaborative moniker. Released on Pleasant Life earlier in 2020 the EP was well received and widely supported, showcasing abstract experimentation and playful melodic flurries which based upon the set below seems to be a hallmark of their taste and style.

Listen below:

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