Cardopusher B2b Nehuen – The Ransom Note Mix


We love it when we're able to get people to do our work for us – it means that we don't have to think up any strange questions, they're more than happy to do it for us. When they get quite so strange as this batch of questions that Nehuen sent to Cardopusher (and the ruddy peculiar answers as well!) there's something incredibly satisfying. The pair have a split EP on the horizon and they decided to join forces once more to provide us with this week's Ransom Note Mix as a B2B special. So strap yourself in for an hour of aural goodness and a bunch of questionable questions, this one's sure to turn your head upside-down;

What's your morning routine?

After waking up the first thing I need is a big cup of coffee and to then sit down in front of the computer to check emails, promos, demos, label tasks and everything related to office work. After all of this, I can sit down and make music.

Favourite country to eat in?


What band are you ashamed to say you love?

Pearl Jam, until their Yield album.

Whats your preferred slot to dj?

1st one on, so I can go to bed early.

Ferrari, Lambo or Porsche?

What's on your rider?

Rum, which is the most important gear, and then CDJs.

How many times a month do you go to McDonalds or eat trashy food?

Once a week at least. Thankfully I don't have a KFC near home, otherwise it could be like 3 or 4.

How many tracks do you make a month on average?

Between 4-6 tracks which, in my opinion, is too little. I would love to do like 10, honestly.

Gimme some youtube shit:

Last Saturday night plan?

Like most of my Saturdays: nothing.

Dishwashing or laundry?

Dish washing

How many times have you been assaulted with a fire arm?

Just one, the guy wanted my "tennis racket bag", i guess he was surprised later when he went away and checked that there was an electric guitar inside instead a tennis racket.

Read manual or throw it away? Do you keep the warranty and the box?

I do both, reading the manual while it's being thrown away. You get like half of the information, but I do keep the warranty and the box.

Facebook, Instagram or twitter?  

Paypal, because it's more interesting what you can do with it.

How many hours a day you think you lose scrolling down?

Maybe 3.

Favorite Queen Song? Don't say Barcelona…

Barcelona is not a Queen song ha. But my favourite is "The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke" from the Queen II album.

Favourite Beer Brand?

The Kernel.

If you could choose an extra body part, what would that be?

Probably an eye on the back of my head, you can never trust who is behind you.

Favorite dog breed at the moment?

Easy question, Shiba Inu.

Sparkling water?

Vichy Catalan.

You are on a sinking boat with a hipster, a hippie, a dj and a yuppie, you only got room for one on your personal vip roland rubber boat, who comes with you?

No-one, I hate people.

To vote or not vote?

I choose to vote but I'm afraid that most of the time it doesn't work at all.

Whats your face when you see another uninspiring festival line up?

Cardopusher and Nehuen's Split 03 is out on 15th June via Classicworks.


01. Frak – Second Coming (Sex Tags Mania)
02. Legowelt – Evaporate With Me 2 Infinity (Technicolour)
03. DMX Krew –  Vicious Bleebz (Super Rhythm Trax)
04. Nehuen – The Unknown 
05. Nehuen – We Have A Problem (Pirotecnia)
06. Mutant Beat Dance – Rottonfunk (Hour House Is Your Rush)
07. Lost In The Sound & 2046 – CPT (J.A.M. Traxx)
08. Cardopusher – Cylinder Acid (Zodiac44)
09. Andreas Gehm – I Don't Care (Lower Parts)
10. Victor Romeo – Acid Rain (Original 12' Rain Dance UK Club Mix) (Harmless)
11. An-I & Capablanca – Farsi Farce (Versatile)
12. Boys Noize – The Fix (BNR)
13. James "Jack Rabbit" Martin – Only Wanted to Be (Still Music)
14. Jerome Hill – Dustbin Acid (Super Rhythm Trax)
15. Phran – Basical (Klasse Wrecks)
16. Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – No Holdings (Samo DJ-Mallorca Mix)
17. Cardopusher – Possesion
18. Nehuen – The Game Has To Play Out (Classicworks)
19. Rebeval – Brainiac (L.I.E.S.)