Capracara Interview & the ransom note EXCLUSIVE Mix


Afternoon Jon.Been a while…hope you been well.
I'm sat on a late night plane (the cheapest money could buy) on the way to Ibiza with everyone around me drinking nasty spirits from a bottle they've smuggled onto the plane, wishing for the more refined climes of Croatia… ahead of your Electric Elephant-ness next month let's tread some ground old and new.

What is Capracara?
Im not really sure! Part Mexican folklore / part sign of the zodiac

You're heavily influenced by proto acid and the deeper strains of electronic music. Describe where your music comes from.
Many different places, I guess. Im into all kinds of stuff. I listen to as much garage and house music as I do new-wave / minimal synth / acid / industrial music.

And in the same breath, tell us a potted history of your musical upbringing.
No obvious lineage I was more into metal as a kid. But listening to bands like Godflesh, Ministry & Revolting Cocks got me into drum machines.

You've produced for the mighty Matias Aguayo's Comeme label. He's one of the true innovative new school producers drawing on a myriad of influences in his productions and smashing down anything resembling a genre. What other other producers are interesting you at the moment?
I rate Mike Qs stuff a lot, that version he did of Master Blaster is so good. I also love Blawans utterly alien breed of techno his rapidly evolving sound has caught my ear. Im really interested to hear what hell sound like in a year or two. Matias has also introduced me to some new talent on Comeme this guy called Sano from Colombia is making some really amazing house music at the moment hes got some great things to come.

Tell us about Automan.
Its not me! I promise! Database error on Discogs, honestly!

You're playing at the wonderful Electric Elephant festival this year. Musically the most interesting pick for this R$Ners ears this year. There's quite an Adriatic renaissance going on. Have you experienced it yet? The ALFOS and Kelvin Andrews boat parties last yeah have become the thing of myth and legend.
Yes, I was there last year so much fun. Luke and Severinos Horse Meat Disco boat party was also a highlight!

Adriatica is the new Balearia, discuss.
Definitely. Especially after my boy, Nathan Gregory Wilkins, dropped Dennis Wilsons Farewell My Friend on the beach, at sunset last year. Lovely moment.

What does House mean to you?
Black, raw, Chicago, Ron Hardy.

Slow is the new fast as far as any discerning electronic head is concerned with the likes of Mr Sean Johnston and Mr Andrew Weatherall pushing a slower strand of dancefloor excursions. What do you think about things slowing down a little. I know it's something you've always involved in your sets.
Depends really. A lot of my recent productions have been pushing an alarmingly speedy 130 bpm. Its quite fun to be able to mix up the tempos in a set, no?

Do you think that the internet has turned us all into lovers of everything and experts of nothing?
Its definitely changed something. I used to get a mail-order catalogue posted by Sister Ray records in London once-upon-a-time. The internet has stopped that

Your EE mix takes in everything from Garage, UK and US varieties plus a myriad of other styles yet to be defined. Is this what Adriatica means to you?
Yeah, I think so. Though Im sure some people will connect tunes by A Baffled Republic and RIP Productions more to Ayia Napa than the Adriatic!

If your music was a type of lettuce, what would it be?
Iceberg, I guess. Im not aware of many more types in the lettuce genus.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, for sure.

See you on the Adriatic coast…
See you there, sir! 🙂

Check his ace mix below

and catch him at Electric Elephant in August and check his rather fine Comeme release and other just drop below.