Bop’s Monday Is Okay Mix


Monday's can be a difficult ordeal, it can be hard to take solace in the day to day sounds of the office and a morning buried beneath the perils of the job. Bop, is an escapism of sort, an elevation of identity. He has released music for the likes of Parachute Records and 291out. He dabbles in the worl of musical improvisation blending krautrock with electronics creating haunting soundscapes and scenes alongside the occasional graceful melody. This mix sees him dig through the depths of eclectisim and wonder, uncomfortable sounds, tones and sit positively alingside subtle rhythms. Listen and read below: 

I'm 39 year's old and I’m based in Naples, working as an IT manager whilst also producing music on the side, I’m a really good chef and also a compulsive collector of things.

Bop is just one of my identities linked to one of many projects that define me as the person I am. I like to play with the different versions of myself revealing each time a different aspect of my take on art. My music is like a fast finger movement. The most difficult aspect of music in my opinion is avoiding all the influences I’ve gathered over the years, through many genres of music searching for a perfect melange of all that stuff, forgetting the past and living in an aware present.

When I'm in the studio making music, I always try to give a cinematographic feel to my arrangements, in other words, trying to swiftly deceive points of view, intersections and overlapping layers, like "J. Burroughs' cut up”.
I’m a hi-fi music enthusiast. I think that "distortion and lo-fi" are more like a raw-punk attitude rather than only effects.

The attached file is a piece of work from an artist named Igor, who works for Best Company (the label I own and run) I think that at the moment, this is the graphic identity that represents me at it’s best mostly because of it’s darker colours, even if they are four (dark blue ,black, white and gold who make everything stand out more) they draw us. Raw and simple, but hypnotic. It's a revisitation of our logo who was made by Kero.

2015 has been the year of the first release for Best Company. A year where work was collected within many months through recording sessions with musicians (291out), designers and photographers. Workin'on volume 2, it might be released in 2016. It will be focused on electroacoustic and ambient music whilst involving classical and live performers in the process.

My release on Parachute represents another great highlight for me, situated in between the new and the old year. I think this label is one of the more interesting audio/visual projects around now, reasons being: it’s artistic choice, the solid sound they promote through there signings and it’s visual identity.

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