Baba Ali: The Wednesday Alternative Mix


To some this mix may come as little surprise, a familiar face now with an independent story to tell. Baba Ali has recently went solo following a previously longstanding pairing as part of electronic dance duo Voices Of Black. The duo were signed to Wolf + Lamb and rose to success in line with the prominence of the label. International dates across America, Europe and beyond all followed suit. However, life goes on and individuality requires an outlet. Baba Ali has since launched what looks to be a promising solo embarkment and recently released his debut EP in the form of "Nomad". Low slung soul with a hypnotic twist, the EP was a fierce statement. 

We are delighted to be able to welcome him to contribute to our mix series, he describes his tape as follows. 

"The mix is essentially the music I was listening to while working on 'NOMAD'. I also wanted to dedicate the mix to the migrants who are currently risking their lives every day, navigating dangerous waters in search for a better life."

Visit the Baba Ali website HERE

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