Alex Albrecht: The Ransom Note Mix


Now, this one is technically cheating a little bit… It's not quite a mix but a live set but who really cares? 

Anyway, Alex Albrecht is a producer and dj from Australia. He releases music under the guise of Melquíades and has done so to great acclaim for Scissor & Thread and his own Analogue Attic imprint. He also produces music alongside Sean La'Brooy as part of a dynamic duo who have appeared on Night Tide, Voyage Recordings and Butter Sessions to name a few. 

Alex has a sound which is fundamentally rooted in the deeper fringes of dance and electronic music. Drawing upon influences from the natural world his music could be described as a subtle blend of balearic intricacies, deep house, electronica and beyond. His sound is reminiscent of the nineties in which breaks and the ethereal ruled supreme under the principle of free thinking dance music and psychedelics. 

With a recent EP for Scissor & Thread and a new collaborative release for Apollo Records he is having a busy summer. 

Presently on tour, this mix was recorded as a live set from somewhere along the way and it really is very special indeed. 

Listen below:

Catch Alex Albrecht in London on the 26th of July HERE