Like To Get To Know You Well: Miss Represented/Bambarella

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Written by Tia Cousins / Wil Troup

Get to know Gayle Black aka Miss Represented aka Bambarella as we celebrate the kick off of our love affair with her on Ransom Note Records…

In a new series on Ransom Note we get to know our artists on our constellation of labels in greater detail. To kick things off we’re hyped to welcome the wonderful Miss Represented to the label roster. Emerging from the Mists of Edinburgh, Gayle Black weaves a poetic, political and always idiosyncratic thread through the electronic underground, touching on subjects and sounds that are important to her. As an alumni of Thomas Von Party’s label, Party Central, where she released her debut album, Miss Represented has already been turning heads in the upper echelons of the Techno-atti.

There’s much more to come from her this year but for now let’s get our ears around War Criminals! An in your face, no nonsense, patent political polemic that doesn’t dance around Miss Represented’s position on the USA’s influence on geo politics over the last 20 years.


Using “entirely legal” samples of former world leaders, a narrative is created concerning The West’s intervention in the Middle East. Fortified by a mechanical, pummelling backbeat and dissonant synth stabs, the eerie atmosphere perfectly compliments the murderous concept. Juxtaposition is provided, however, by intermittent slices of distorted Speak ’n’ Spell and a superbly glitchy harp line.

War Criminals, a standalone single, is here to whet your appetite for future Miss Represented work with Ransom Note Records so with that in mind let’s get to know Gayle Black in more detail

I am:

Gayle Black aka Miss Represented/Bambarella

Where am I:

In a cottage by the woods in Central Scotland

What am I:

Many things. I did a Ph.D. in exercise science (which I didn’t complete); a sports woman in that trained for triathlon when I lived in Australia for 3 years, and played 1st division rugby after I got home, and more recently long distance cycling, which I love. I make art in many different mediums, for example I make weird Barbie porn, which is a satire of pornography, this requires me to make all the costumes and sets, for which I had to learn many skills including filming and video editing. I paint using acrylics, restore and hand finish picture frames using traditional water gilding techniques. I work with resin making pictures from the photos I take of the Barbie sets under the moniker Bambarella. Write poetry and songs and of course I produce electronic music. In short I’m a multimedia artist.

miss represented gayle


You may know me from other things like….

The only thing anyone knows me for is being a Bam and making electronic music. I don’t really promote or show any of the other things I do.

A bit about the release.

I made War Criminals around 5 or 6 years ago chopping up speeches from a Pentagon General and various American Presidents in response to their constant invasions and of course because they should all be tried for War Crimes as I believe they are real terrorists, so I thought I’d put that out there.

What to expect in the future

Expectations are the mother of all fuckers.

My earliest memory is…

Playing in my Dad’s Stone masonry yard when I was about 4 and getting my thumb trapped in the lorry door. It was a big lorry and my thumb was tiny, I’m lucky still to have it.

I first felt like an adult when….

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like an adult

The opinion I care most about is…

That human nature is contradictory and confusing in its nature, that both good and bad exist in everyone and only by acknowledging this can you be a whole person. If you deny the bad in you you will always have to wear a mask and that mask will devour you until there is nothing left of your original self, all that will be left is a pretence of good, which is reflected in todays society. People will sell their souls and yours to be seen as good so they can have the life they feel they are owed. One that was falsely promised. And when that doesn’t happen not even the pretence of good is left, just a victim with a sickened soul. Sorry hope that’s not to heavy.

The most ridiculous nightmare I ever had was…

When I was about 7 I dreamt that Laurel and Hardy were trying to stab me.

My proudest accomplishment is…

Apart from giving birth to my son at home, my proudest accomplishment is cycling over Glencoe at night on a fully loaded touring bike in the pissing rain. My friend and I started out from Ballachulish about 9.30 at night and the further up into the mountains we got the more rained until there was nothing but big black clouds as far as the eye could see. We got to Bridge of Orchy and had to pitch a tent on the only bit of dry flat land for miles around. The second time I did it was over night again but this I made it from Ballachulish to Callander which is a 65/70 mile cycle on a fully loaded bike. I was totally fucked by the end. It’s a gruelling cycle. I’ll definitely be doing it again though.


I laugh most when…

The humor is dark and ridiculous with an element of truth. I love a sense of the ridiculous. My Barbie films they are ridiculous.

My most useless talent is…

Pissing people off!

The strangest food combo I enjoy is…

Christmas cake with stilton cheese…Sweet, fruity, boozey, sharp and creamy…you should try it.

I get most frustrated when…

People are unkind, uncaring and unjust; people who aren’t true to themselves, cause if you can’t be true to yourself you can’t be true to me, and folk that make assumptions that really frustrates me. Ha I get frustrated quite a lot. Oh and people who base their opinions on second/third/fourth-hand information with little fact to back them up.

Press Shot1


When I was small I wanted to be…

A witch warrior with a big sword.

If I would choose to do anything for a day it would be…

An international assassin with a license to kill.

My go to karaoke song would be….

Genesis, Jesus he knows me. One of the best satirical pop songs ever written. Lols in my opinion.

If I was stranded on a desert island…

I’d like to be stuck with either my son or my boyfriend. Boring I know but they are the only people whose company I can tolerate for any length of time. Though not sure my son would be particularly happy with that.

The craziest thing I’ve done in the name of love is…

To give myself up.


I don’t think I’ve ever felt like an adult


The most unusual thing I ever eaten is…

Dog. I got stuck in Bali without a ticket out of there for a month (It’s a complicated story) and was adopted by a group of Balinese DJ’s and bartenders from Kuta, they used to take me on trips around Bali and cook me barbeques. Apparently they eat dog stew with sambal to help with asthma. Not sure if that’s true though, I think they just wanted to see if I was game enough to eat it. It was sweet and stringy like your Granny’s old fashioned stew.

If I had a warning label, it would say…

Polite as Fuck – Till I’m not.


War Criminals by Miss Represented. Stream and Order Here.

More tbc… watch this space!