Ahead of his set at Soltek this Friday, we sat down with rising star Trikk to talk the effectiveness of simplicity, teenage rebellions and current obsessions… 
How has your sound grown and developed since you first started making music?
Well I think it developed in a natural way I think, I was in portugal when I made the first beats, I changed to London, and it open my eyes to something so big, i’m not talking just about the “UK sound”, but others things in a different countries aswell, so I think that help me to improve my ideas of how to make a track, and made me try different things, and it’s really different now, compared with when I started to make music.
Youre lined up to play at Solteks next big party on April 19th at The Lightbox, alongside A Guy Called Gerald, Milton Jackson and more What can we expect from your set?
It’s a pleasure to play in the first place, I’ve been told that my set time is going to be from 3:30 till 5am, so I really have to play something to keep up the party on the same level, maybe starting with some house/garage, and closing with some techno stuff.
What else is in the pipeline for you this year? Any big releases or gigs we can look forward to?
Well I like to keep the things on the right time you know, it’s really important for me not to do so many releases a year, so I have two releases confirmed for the rest of the year, a ManMakeMusic EP with a Lando Kal remix, gonna be released on 29 April, and I have a EP for Hypercolour in June/July aswell, I have some some other things to confirm already, a remix and maybe a release, but I can’t tell much more for now because I don’t know as well!
You’ve recently established yourself as one of the UK’s fastest rising stars in underground dance music. What inspired you to start making music and what do you think makes you stand out?
Thanks, I hope that is true! but yeh, what inspired me I don’t really know, I think it was pretty normal, started to listen to some electronic music and I started to try and messing around with a software, standard, in my defense of what maybe makes me stand out from some amazing producers out there is that I don’t really think this is a race, I don’t wanna be better than other people, I like to keep the things really chilled to my side, I actually don’t really believe that i’m a “rising star” or something, I just like to make music and I really enjoy to live this and live from music, is a dream, the thing is, there are so many producers out there, amazing and super producers, I think the best way is keep all the things simple tbh, and I’m talking about the way you see the industry and the way you make music, at least for me, my music is really simple, and I think is the best way for me, and maybe I make music like that because my favorite tracks are the most simple ones, believe or not, a simple track is one of the most difficult tracks to do.
Where are you from, where are you now?
I’m from Portugal, Porto, and i’m currently living in London
First and last record bought?
ha! first one is gonna be difficult, but I think it was a K7 of a really cheesy portuguese band and the last one I bought was Joey Beltram – Energy Flash, I completely missed this one!
What was the music of your teenage rebellion?
Uh, you got me on this one, ah, well I think it probably was Portishead, something like that, I was really into trip hop on that time, but the music I can’t exactly remember.
If your sound was a visual thing, what would it look like?
I would say something minimalistic actually, now that you made me think about it, my sound is really simple and straight to the point, that’s why.
Complete the sentence: I’m proper techno because…..
I’m proper techno because techno was first passion.
What’s the most techno thing you’ve ever done?
When I started to make music I actually made proper techno stuff and I still do, with other monikers, which is more experimental techno, but the question is, standing in front of a techno dj without shirt counts ? (jokes)
When did you last stick your head in a bass bin?
tricky question, i’m not gonna take the risk, and I’m gonna say never!
Are you a kick drum, hi hat or a snare? And why?
Well, can I be all of them? if not, a kick, just because a kick is really important in house/techno stuff, that’s the “thing” people wanna hear/feel on a club basically, I heard a few times “put a kick on that shit” tbh
Whats been the funniest moment of your career so far?
well I have a few, but the first one that comes to mind is that I was playing once, and everyone behind me were so drunk, that every time I was mixing the tracks, people grabbed me and hugged me, and almost they throw me in the air, that was a funny night.
What are you obsessed with at the moment?
Jungle/Speed Garage
What’s your answer to everything?
Do you know Deadmaus, has a mouses’s head, for a head? 
Now I know, thanks!
Whats the best piece of music youve ever heard?
ah, “probably”, Actress – I Can’t Forgive You, I could listen this in a loop for the rest of my life.
Whats your favourite place on earth?
Who would you say has been the most influential artist of the twentieth century?
And the 21st?
Well, that’s so difficult, so many great artists, but from the twentieth i’m gonna say Kraftwerk and from the 21st def Deadmau5 or Avici, and if by any chance can include Steve Aoki, that would be great!