Track By Track: Kloxii & Pilo – MUON

Kloxii & Pilo Press Pic © Ryan Kevin

When producers and composers Kloxii (pronounced Klow-SHEE) and Pilo first met in Downtown LA, they quickly formed a bond through their mutual love of the chaotic realms of dance music.

But it wasn’t until they began collaborating with eachother musically that it became apparent how much their interests and creativity really aligned.

The sounds that form MUON are the result of two years of in person and remote sessions. Marking their debut release together, the beginnings stretch back to 2019 when the pair first produced together IRL with just a laptop and headphones at their disposal.


Two of the tracks on this release were written in that session, while the rest were conceived in different parts of the world — Kloxii in Belin and Pilo in LA — and during lockdown, which gave them time to focus on production as well as imbuing the resulting tracks with a sense of sparseness and emotion.

Out on Pilo’s own label Motor Reflex MUON blurs the lines between darkness and light, harmony and chaos, and rhythm and stillness. Described as ‘a love letter ‘to their ‘deepest intentions of being alive, intentions unique to themselves, yet present within every human being on the planet’, the LP represents their individual and collective growth as producers and, more widely, as living beings.


“To begin the construction of our own Meadow, repeat this Mantra. ”I honor this space I thread from the awareness of myself.”
Take these tears to form a Boundless Gateway to an expansive unknown that must be walked through.
Emerge from the embrace of your own shadow and let the Sunken Place consume you. Sing in Unison with a choir of your past hurt-selves. ”Together we can be alive and share this wondrous world. To be found.”
As something starts to slowly shift beneath, let the outer layer of skin shed as new life assimilates to you like light flakes raining down from the sky.
Bring awareness to the Meadow around you. Do you understand what you are now?
Come home to the signal emitting from your heart, to the Womb. Begin anew and allow all parts of the soul to replenish.
What was once broken, is now strengthened & healed.
A single particle can change it all.”



Color: Yellow Opal 

Begin anew. The invite to synchronize with the inner child… Deep inhalation.

Allow access to love ourselves, to expand our world and life.


Color: Black Tourmaline

Open yourself up from a clenched position. Allow the Toxic roots to expand from your body & make the choice to embrace your sorrow or to let it consume you. 

This is self acceptance at its most intense stage. Remember…

It’s okay to feel.


Color: Meridian Blue

The next chapter opens up. Will you take the dark

hand and take yourself into the dark unknown? The thoughts and moments

You attach to slowly let go… you swim down the river of flow. 

The full surrender.


Color: Emerald Green

Transformation has begun within the Womb you’ve woven. It slowly shifts as the outer layer of skin sheds away.

Just like a Caterpillar blossoming into a Butterfly.


Color: Ocean Blue

Learning the Dance of Authenticity. Breaking all the connections from the

Toxic roots. A slight hesitation to revert back into this toxic state arises; a reminder to what comes out of this disconnection… is that you will be ok. You are on your path.

‘’It doesn’t matter if you are mine or not. The melody we created together helped me realize that a part of me needs to die in order to change my reality’’.


Color: Pearl White

A new Being has formed from within… shaped by light.

Flowing intuitively into your own senses and bringing love closer to yourself.


Color: Violet

Reassurance of the Self. Expanding our own roots and planting the many seeds of acceptance in our Sanctuary that we’ve created. Thus our world expands wholeheartedly. At the same time, the dismissive part of yourself reaches out.

‘’Deep down, I feel no one really truly knows me’’… Echoes of your past hurt-self begin to lead you closer to the dark unknown ahead.


Color: Blood Red

Chaos in growth and rebirth is essential in crossing into the dark unknown. 

Empowerment is at the center point of Light & Dark.

All of it is intertwined. With this, 

is wholeness.


Color: Charcoal Black

In the sunken place, at the bottom of the well. You encounter your shadow.

Do you fight it or let it consume you? It was a part of you all of this time.

Sing with it, dance with it, & love it because the shadows will always be there.

 A choir of every version of your past hurt-selves begin to sing.

 ‘’Together we can be alive and share this wonderful world. To be found.’’


Color: Blue Kyanite

‘’I still fantasize about you even though you are not mine. Holding on to you inside me.’’

Here is the breaking point. The opportunity for true Metamorphosis. 

Will you take this hesitant feeling of withering away or transform this tear as a gateway to something 

brighter. In brokenness, is the opportunity to embrace sorrow and explore the worlds we have forgotten or 

even touched with our own love. We bring life where the shadows drown.


Color: Cadmium Orange

Paralyzed by the Bright Light, you are now walking through a storm of light orbs showering 

down on the land. ‘’Is this who I am? Has this always been a part of me?’’ 

A pathway of light guides you to the center. It was always with you. Even when you didn’t embrace it, it was there hidden from plain sight. What was once broken, is now strengthened & healed.

Vulnerability is the chance for Metamorphosis. Embrace and surrender to it.


MUON is out now on Motor Reflex.