The Two Mamarrachos Talk


San Sebastian in northern Spain, a Basque city just 20 km from the French border. In the late 70s, ex-footballer Jose Santamaria returned to his hometown and glory days and along with Faruk Gandji invested in a new nightclub which would become one of the hottest spots in town.

KU in San Sebastian was the first of a new breed of Spanish nightclubs. The Socialist government of 1982 embraced change and liberated the country with a policy of permissiveness and total freedom. To many, promoting the use of drugs and free love (man). 

In this heady decade, Jaime Sagestibeltza was resident at KU San Sebastian. Imbibing and sharing in these pre-austere times was Borja Campion Bordenave. 

Jaime is an old institution as a DJ here in our city. We’ve known each other since we were teenagers, a few years ago, hahahaha…"

We use to share dance floors in clubs like Ku San Sebastian, where Jaime was a resident, and in many, many party nights.

KU built on these liberations. “The owners traveled to Ibiza and fell in love with the island”, says Jaime. “The weather in San Sebastian is rainy almost 300 days per year so they decided to make an open air club in that sunshine space. The rest is known history!

The good thing for us back home was that we shared the island’s DJ’s and their music. After summer we received all the music that was loved in Ibiza. I don’t believe in magical places, all that matters is how you feel and the people around you. And if there is sun!

In 1995, they decided to to join strengths, initially running parties before partnering musically.

I was making some Balearic stuff for Eskimo and other labels but I wasn’t very prolific, and Borja came to give me more pressure and make work hard! He is very obsessive person. When he does something he gives all his energy to it. He is always looking for new tendencies and we have always to spoke a lot about music, specially in the highest moments of the night, hahaha…

Spanish noun: Mamarracho – an unimportant person, someone not worthy of respect.

We use this name because it is the opposite of the superstar DJ. We are just 2 mamarrachos that play tunes and have fun.

With an upbringing through Vince Clark, Richard Norris and Orbital to PiL, Ruben Blades and David Byrne, their sound has a credible infusion of post-punk and world rhythms which new single 'Teach Me' featuring Snem K demonstrates. Even bringing a touch of Roxy Music with it.

Sir Snem K. Is a good friend of ours. We discovered him in a remix the we did of a DJ Steef track. We admired his voice and contacted him immediately. The funny thing is that he lives in France but is 50% Spanish so was easy to understand each other. His way of working is amazing, serious and effective and he always brings good ideas to every song.

The latest release is on the ever-growing NEIN Records. “Neil Parnell contacted us, the internet is a good invention! We love this label, so happy to be part of this beautiful thing that is growing more and more now!” says Jaime.

So what’s going on in the next year?

Something big, round and with 2 faces…"

Andrew Thompson

'Teach Me' is out now, grab your copy here.