Sam Fletcher Talks



Edinburgh Comedy Newcomer Award winner 2012 and BBC 3 sketch show For the Win star Sam Fletcher has a quick little catch up with our Holly ahead of this weekend's Knock2Bag.
Your shows involve drawings and a spot of magic. What is your favourite thing to draw?
I've recently got into drawing faces on paper coffee cups that people leave behind everywhere. I have the romantic hope that someone will spot them and keep them, but probably they either ignore it or think I'm a total dick. 
Knock2Bag this week is in East London. As a Londoner, what's your favourite East London spot? 
As I was born in north west London, I never really found myself in the east often. However, they have much better Underground station names. Wapping and Mudchute spring to mind. 
Best magic trick you can do?
I once correctly guessed a number someone was thinking of – but had no idea how I did it. Scared the shit out of myself. 
Do you have any other songs about items of clothing other than shoes? Perhaps sock song?  
The concept does have legs I suppose…
I'm thinking of doing a song at the moment all about how I eat crisps. The thing is I eat them the same as everyone else so it may be a pretty short and predictable. 
What other inventions do you have besides the T-shirt that combs your hair? I have plenty. Maybe too many to be honest. Currently working on the recipe for Pestonaise – which is a combination of mayonnaise and pesto. Great name, but tastes absolutely disgusting. 
Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Wee-wee's and a dance. 
Tell us a knock knock joke.
Knock knock
Who's there? 
It's me, I forgot my keys again. I love you. 
Have you been drinking again who? 

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