Raw M.T. Talks


Making the first tentative forays into the domain of releasing records is always daunting for an emerging artist. The full spectrum of emotions are realised as the artist’s music is made public and opinions become adopted by listeners and potential influencers. This can be a tumultuous time for a new producer, as their music finds life beyond their nascent ideas and hard work in the studio. With three EPs released in the last twelve months, Italian producer RAW M.T. has well and truly entered this realm and with an air of placidity has found commonplace means to endure some of the complexities allied with his newfound circumstances. A down to earth approach and steadfastness in his major passion has so far steered him in all the right directions. With fresh material soon to arrive and a show this weekend in London, we found a gap in his busy schedule to get to know him a little bit better about and survey the nuts and bolts of his character that are serving him so justly.

You’ve had a busy year so far, can you tell us a little about the qambitions you had at the beginning of 2015? 

Well I always use to start with no ambitions, just following my passion; And that’s what I’ve done early this year. 

Compared to those ambitions, how are you feeling about the past twelve months?

I surely had much more than what I expected; but honestly, even if I reached good goals, sometimes I feel frustrated by the fact that it’s really difficult for me to make what I really want to do. That’s because I’ve never studied music in my life, and I percept it as a big limit for me. Don’t misinterpret my words, I like my releases; but I’m sure that, having some time for studying music, I would have gain a better level on my works. 

When did you first starting making music?

I started making music few years ago, maybe pushed by curiosity. Actually I was more curious about sound itself that music in general. And now I’m still trying to give life to my ideas but I have a lot to learn. What I can just say now is that my tastes and my ideas are deeper than what I’m able to do at this time, and I really want to grow.

As your music has become more widely recognised, how has it affected your lifestyle and your approach to making music?

Honestly my lifestyle is always the same; nothing has changed. About music I always try to learn something, getting different approaches on it. Now I’m trying to make some collaborations with friends that play in live band, using hardwares and but not having the same approach of the “live jam” that I used to adopt for my previous releases. This would take me more time on making tracks but it’s also more interesting.

Greg Beato and Florian Kupfer have remixed some of your tracks, as an emerging artist how does it feel to be associated with people like this?

Well I remember that when I heard the first release on Apron from Beato. I felt like amazed. So I thought to ask him about a remix, just mailing him on soundcloud. Wicked Bass was pretty hyped after the Huerco S’ release and that surely helped on his agreement. I wasn’t expecting an answer but it came quickly. 

About Kupfer, that was not my choice, he’s a great producer and I love his first release on L.I.E.S. records. I was excited about the idea when I knew that he was going to remix me.

Who are the artists that have really influenced you?

Ha! I’ve been influenced more by Internet to be honest and that’s sad because I’ve never had the chance to live in the years when clubbing was a real culture. There were mostly quality things about music and ideals. Now there’s a lot of shit around, but of course, if you go deep, you can still find the quality. 

However some artists have surely helped me on my education. There are a lot of local artists here that have influenced my formation. I can mention Analogue Cops first, Dax DJ, Enrico Crivellaro, Simona Faraone and many others. The main thing I’ve learnt from them is the spirit of dance music, and the passion that stands behind of it. An DJ that I really love now is Sotofett; his selection is extraordinary.

Is there someone in music that you would really love to work with?

Yeah but I prefer to say nothing about that, because probably I will work with “someone” that I love in the nearer future. But there are no confirms yet.

What are your ambitions for the coming year?

I will start a new label, and the first release will be stunning. I’m still sorting it, so it will be ready in few months. It comes from an emerging artist that has made one of the best releases this year; be prepared for that!!! 🙂 I will go deeper than my usual stuff, but it will be AWESOME. 

Also I had big proposal from 2 legendary (one just for me ahah) labels, that want me to make an ep for them but there are no confirms, so shhhh. 
Up next there’s an ep on Lobster Theremin that should be out in few weeks 🙂 

See you at Dance Tunnel!

See Raw M.T. at Dance Tunnel on Saturday 24th October – find out more here.