Psychedelic Mind-Trips: Introducing Tau


"For centuries the desert has proved to be a spiritually rich landscape. It’s vast openness and still tranquillity lending itself to many a spiritual awakening or outer body experience once within its endless grasp; and in a world that gets busier and more occupied by the day, this reflective escape into one of nature’s greatest spaces becomes understandably more appealing for some."

For Irish-born, Berlin-based artist and Dead Skeletons member Shaun Nunutzi, now going by the name of TAU this mysticism – particularly Real de Catorce in North West Mexico – has proven to be the vital inspiration for the deeply psychedelic mind-trip of his new EP Wirakuta.

Wirakuta – the indigenous name for land – also features members of Kadavar, The Soft Moon, The Pussywarmers and John Jeffery drummer of Moon Duo. Some of the material is reimagined indigenous medicine songs; “Huey Tonantzin (the E.P’s opening track) is a very famous medicine song sang in Temazcales and prayer circles for thousands of years". They are the original psychedelia.” says Nunutzi.

"It is something that is better to be experienced than it is explained."
So let's get this on… then find out a bit more about him. 

Who are you, where are you and what are you?

Energy, body soul, intertwined in a complex web of belief systems, dreaming, the dream.

What on (or off) Earth is Tau all about?

Liberating the spirit through waves and pulses. 

What inspired you to get into music? Who was your first great influence?

I think it stems from my Dad singing Irish ballads from the bottom of his belly at our legendary house parties all through my childhood.

Why do some love guitars so much?

Because they are a tool of expression . 

What makes something 'acid'?

It depends on the dimension, doesnt it?

If you could soar like an eagle, where would you go?

To soar like an eagle would mean supreme vision, stealth and purpose.If I could go into any of those 3 that would be a result.

What's your party trick?

Being unable to vanish at will.

Have you ever got so lost in a sound that you've had to stop and ask for directions?

When that happens I usually try to stay in the labrynth

What do you think the future holds for music if people are no longer willing to pay for it?

People will write music and make great art no matter if people pay for it or not, I think this point is redundant , it's already happened, its just another step. I dont waste any energy worrying about record sales anymore . If we have stopped paying for music , maybe the next step is taxes or water charges.

If you had to send one record into space, to introduce extra terrestrials to human music, what record would you choose?

Bulgarian Folklore, womens choir music.

Who is making the music that's exciting you the most?

Huun Hur Tu, Tinariwen

What makes you proper psychedelic?

I never said I'm proper anything. What makes things proper? 

Anything you'd like to add?

Here's a few lines on the last few months

Iúnios by Shaun Mulrooney 

June , there it goes , the medley. Running raucously yet timid and divine . catching it's tail, basking shark,  basking in the warm shallows . 
Can you feel your toes ?
33 mays in a row,  where did they go? Yam flies imitating each other who  dance trance dance to the blips and beeps beeps on either side of the runway. Old raccon of the new moon pops his head from the silvery black as if to bring us back. 
Venus and Jupiter in loving storms and flowery battles , pumpkin seeds ,warm breezes , two beesezz.
The system has failed,  "hurrah" we say,  as we swim in Greece and oil . Tall victories on the edge of infinity .
Julio Julio  no time to be slow . Let it all go, sticking sweat, dolce de leche , bloody milk river,smelly finger, makes me tingle , soft sleep beats my chest, parallel dreamios.
Mas suerte , Belly button moon, succumb to tenderness and fling it all over our bodies willingly .

Wirikuta is out on 20th July, pre-order your copy here.

Live shows: Breaking Convention in London (July 11th) and Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (Sept 25/26th)