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Leeds-based mono_cult travels south later this month for a special party at Dance Tunnel in Dalston, and theyre bringing with them Perlon favourite Portable aka Bodycode for a live set. The South African-born producer has built up an enviable reputation for eclectic releases, but its his live shows that have really turned heads. EQTV caught up with him to find out more

Tell us about your live set-up.
Im using a number of midi controllers, with Ableton Live as my software, and Im singing too. I have all the ingredients of different tracks ready, but the composition and, of course, the singing is totally live.

Whats important about playing live for you?
Its true communion with the audience with the singing Im sharing a piece of myself with the audience, and with the spontaneity of the mix almost anything can and more often does happen.

Talk us through the Portable alias, for those who dont know.
The general idea is that I set out to compose music that could be truly portable, that you could dance to at a club, listen to while cycling, tan to while at the beach

Do you prefer your Portable moniker as apposed to the Bodycode alias?
The two have really merged over the past few years.

I supposes its nice to have a wide spectrum of music to offer when your performing?
Yes. Ive been composing music for a long time, and often reintroduce a mix of older and new tracks to form some type of medley, rejuvenating the older material.

How would your describe your music?
My underlying inspiration initially came from classic house and trying to find a way to merge my African heritage with it. Later, as I moved to London, then Lisbon, then Berlin where I am based now, those sounds merged with this ethos. So now its a patchwork of different eras, and in a sense a portable sound.

Youre in London for mono_cult is the UK a special place for you, as this is where you learnt your trade, so to speak?
Yes indeed. I lived in London for 10 years, and make no mistake, that is where I paid my dues. I always come to stay a few days and soak in the atmosphere its so multicultural, something I really miss the most about that city.

How do the audiences in Berlin differ to those in UK?
Its tricky cause Berlin now has so many expats from the UK in the audience, so its a mixed atmosphere and quite difficult to draw the line. But on the face of it, the audience here dance more in lines. Ha ha ha!

Questions provided by Rob Chadwick

Portable plays live at Dance Tunnel this Friday 19th April. Buy tickets, get further info here.

 For even more info check Visit www.monocult.co.uk and www.portablebodycode.com