Pinact Talk


The idea of creating a meaty sound when making music as a two-piece outfit seems a pretty daunting task. Though there are many that have tried their hands and recreating the full sounds that we've grown accustomed to with only half the number of members to the tried-and-tested formula of a four-piece it seems as though only recently the idea of the rock duo has entered mainstream consciousness to full effect. Glasgow-based duo Pinact are one such pair of musicians that are smashing through the sound barrier as they rampage with barricades with guitars made of solid steel. They're ruddy brilliant so I decided it was high time to ask them a few questions and sneak a few big guitar sounds onto R$N;

Tell us a little bit about yourselves – who are you, what are you and why are you? 

We are Pinact from Glasgow. The band is made up of Corrie Gillies and Chirs McCrory and we play noisy pop songs with guitars and drums. 

I love the meaty guitars, who is your inspiration for creating such an overwhelming sound? 

I'm not really sure to be honest… I don't think it's that overwhelming but maybe my ears have gotten used to it. This record definitely has loud and full sounding guitars but maybe that was kinda necessary to fill the sound with a two piece. There's a definite 90s influence which people seem to pick up on, bands like Sonic Youth, Sebadoh and Weezer. We really like those bands. 

What's your first memory of falling in love with music? Was there a good looking lass on an album cover that perked up your 'ears’? 

As cliched as it sounds I remember hearing the Beatles for the first time in my Dads car when I was 4 or 5. Then he played Doolittle by The Pixies a few years later and I was hooked. 

How's the music scene in Glasgow? Is there anyone, besides yourselves, that we should be keeping a close eye on? 

Glasgow is totally booming with guitar bands right now. Here's a list of bands everyone should be checking out. Womps, Catholic Action, BABYSTRANGE, Halfrican, The Bellybuttons, Poor Things, Garden of Elks, Breakfast Muff, Spinnin Coin, Younstrrr Joey…. That's just a bunch off the top of my head, there are so many more! 

Which is better: safety pin, push pin or hair pin? 

Hair pin, It's an essential for us. 

What was it like working with MJ out of Hookworms? Do you reckon the record would have sounded anything like it does if he wasn't involved? 

Working with MJ was such a great experience and I definitely think he had a big impact on the overall sound of the record. You can hear it if you listen to some of the other records he's been involved in. It was a fairly painless process and we felt very comfortable very quickly which I think is one of the most important things when recording. 

Are you big into your vinyl or do you care more about how the tunes sound than how they look? 

Yeah for sure. Physical formats of music are essential in giving validity to a record. It looks like CDs are dying out but vinyl has managed to endure somehow which is great. It's a very nice thing to have and there's definitely something special about being able to hold your favorite records. 

Do you think it's about time everyone started listening to guitars again or do you think people should just be listening to the sounds that make them happy? 

People should listen to what they want to listen to, not because everyone else does. Although, I don't think anyone's really stopped listening to guitar music. It's always been there if you're willing to scratch even slightly below the surface. 

Shouldn't somebody have turned it up to 12 by now? 

Have you seen My Bloody Valentine live?! 

What can we expect to see at your live shows? Have you got any massive inflatables? 

No inflatables yet… I think our live show is pretty relentless and energetic. It's definitely loud and noisey, but it's melodic and poppy too. Don't expect to see much of our faces though. Our hair will probably be in the way. 

What's next for Pinact? 

Play some places we've never played before and play some places we've played before again. Then start recording album number 2.

Stand Still And Rot is out on 18th May via Kanine Records.