lola’s bad talks to ex-front 242’sdaniel b about hisnothing but noise project+winvinyl


Star on the rise, Lola’s Bad sat down with Front 242 maestro Daniel B to discuss Daniel’s new Nothing But Noise project,  imaginary soundtracks, mantras and more. Plus! Win a 10″ white vinyl of Music for Muted TV (which will also be available to buy on Record Store Day)…..

Lolas Bad: Listening to Music for Muted TV 1 I find it even more emotional and ‘softer’ as a sound than Not Bleeding Red, which of course was a huge change of musical direction compared to the hard militaristic sound of Front 242. Do you think Nothing But Noise allows you to reveal a softer side of yourself?

Daniel B: It is a side that was always there, but that could not really be explored or misused in 242.

The Music For Muted TV is an open concept and the material will, I think, vary from record to record. It is pure coincidence that it sound mellower or softer;

some of the material for the next releases is more abrasive and dissonant.

Lolas Bad: There are no vocals in the Noting But Noise creations. Especially for Music For Muted TV 1, I would imagine that female ethereal vocals would suit it perfectly. Do you want to be more faithful to the classic image/sound of krautrock and ambient music? Or is it just to leave a little to the listeners imagination, more like a soundtrack to his/her thoughts?

Daniel B :Again I think we will go with the flow and inspiration of the moment

We do not think of the concept as one with rigid rules. Anything is possible if the right balance is reached in its expression

Lolas Bad: Any films you had in mind when you chose the title Music For Muted TV? If not, can you describe the film it could be a soundtrack to?

Daniel B Not really, but  use my TV with the sound muted a lot while listening to music and the accidents  and associations that happen sometimes, have always surprised me. 

Some of the recent movies are menlancholia, and a lot of Godard’s movies until the 70’s: Une Femme Est Une Femme, Le Mepris, Alphaville, Bande Apart

Lolas Bad: What is your mantra in life?

Daniel B: Never had one, or at least not for a long time. Does happy happy joy joy count?

Lolas Bad: When you are not doing music related work, are there any interests that you enjoy?

Daniel B: Reading, photography, cooking and drinking good wine and listening to music. And sometimes more than one of those at the same time.

Lolas Bad: Extensive use of social media and online networking is essential for an artist/ musician nowadays. How do you find yourself coping with this new form of self-promotion?

Daniel B: I dont, except for email, I dont do social. Im the worst at self promotion or the promotion of my work in any configuration (solo/band etc). In NBN Dirk takes all that in charge.

Lolas Bad: How do you view the electronic music scene nowadays?

Daniel B As fragmented as ever, or maybe a bit more, but still a lot of interesting concepts floating around and being created and like rock, there is some good recycling out there.

Weve heard it before but it is so well done that it cancel the feeling of deja entendu.

Lolas Bad:  In this post-digital time where ‘everything has been done’ what is your advice for young people starting in the electronic scene? Youve mentioned that the return to analogue could be a form of original expression. Any other thoughts on how to be original?

Daniel B: New is not always the solution, and good is primordial.

Not everything that has been done has gone all the way and there is always room for more of the better same.

Analogue is a tool that enables me to do fun stuff, but it may not be the best for somebody else –  at the end it is just a tool. Everybody has to find the tool that get the juices flowing – nothing is bad or out of limit and nothing is essential to make good music; the best synth or compressor / delay is just a tool.

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Also, check out the rather huge video for Lola’s Bad’s Drown With Me Here: