Lives In Music: Tom Wiltshire


In this series we shine a light on the people that make the wheels turn behind the scenes in London’s music underground. From venue owners and agents, to record label managers and bouncers, we chat to these individuals about their tastes and motivations.

Tom Wiltshire heads up the music team at Boiler Room, helping to steer the company’s sound and strategy. Another member of the Bubble Chamber crew, alongside fellow Boiler Room colleagues present and past, he puts on regular parties across London and co-hosts their monthly broadcast on Peckham’s Balamii Radio.

We join him at the Adam and Eve in Homerton early on a Friday evening. He finds some time to sit down over a pint of Guinness and a fish finger sandwich before he goes home to prep for his DJ set that evening. He will be wrapping things up after DJ Assault’s set at Bubble Chamber’s first birthday.

Most Iconic London Venue?

Plastic People 

Last gig you went to?


Last DJ set that really impressed you?

I have seen some really interesting stuff throughout the year but the real standout in the last few months was catching CEM at De School. I caught upsammy in the other room that night but CEM really sticks in my mind.

Last meal you really enjoyed?

Campania, it’s just off Colombia Road. A little pricey but really enjoyable.

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Last record you bought?

Fft1. It’s out on Uncertainty Principle.

Best bit about working in music?

Getting paid to do something that you are passionate about.

Toughest challenge about working in music?

If you do something that you love it is always on your mind, so really, not being able to switch off can be the biggest challenge for sure.

What was the first break in your career?

Really getting a role at Boiler Room. I had gotten to know Harry Benson from the partnerships team. He was off to New York and helped me to get the role. Then he was sort of like ‘fill your boots mate’.

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Best headline act you have seen?

Bjork. She is great but not someone I would always gravitate towards but the theatre of her performance was special.

Last time you stayed in a club until the lights came on?

When we do a Bubble Chamber party. But the Fabric birthday was the last time when I wasn’t playing.

Best place to eat before you go out with friends?

Marito on Hackney Road

Person that you have worked with that you found most inspiring?

When I started Raj was heading up the music team, after taking over from him I realised how good a job he’d done. He often looked like he was running around dealing with a thousand things at once, but he really got things done.

Photo credit: adam__adam__adam

Any labels that you are enjoying at the moment?

Whities, The Clone Aqualung Series, Arcola, Low Company record shop.

Last thing you shazamed? 

Mischa Lively – Blakeup

Anything exciting going on professionally at the moment?

Things are developing at Boiler Room really well. We are becoming a proper music company. Through our own ticketed events we can start to pay back the industry that we have been so proud to support and greatful for theirs in return. 

Boiler Room is a great platform in so many different ways but it has always relied upon DJ’s being kind hearted and wanting to work with us. Helping artists monetise their careers and have a moment with us is the future for us.

We also are going to continue working with different emerging scenes and sounds to push the boundaries of what people are listening to. We want to document and develop scenes that are bursting with energy. That is always exciting.

Any advice for anyone who is looking to start working in music?

Divide your time between what makes money and what doesn’t. If you do paid work that isn’t exactly what you want to do then you will develop lots of relatable skills and then do the things you do want to do outside of that. The things you love will always have the most impact but learning the skills is just as important.

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