Jane Fitz Talks & Ears exclusive Mix


Night Moves (or Day Moves for the outside summer ones) has been running for 18 months… It’s not advertised and they’ve barely done any press except for a couple of cursory mentions, just word of mouth and a small secret group on ‘the book’… which means it’s one of the few true underground parties in the whole of the city – pure vibe, brilliant music, no kids or hipsters or suburban liggers or so-called trendies, just real party people… and they’re very proud of that fact.

If you’ve been lucky enough to find yourself at one of Night Moves then you’ll know all about Jane Fitz, joint collaborater with Jade Seatle on the party.

Jane has furnished us with a rather fine mix ahead of her RSS pres. Tusk Wax party this weekend.  
This is a pure deep techno and house session.

Jane talked us through the mix and answered our usual old garbled rag tag of nonsense below:

Setting the mood for the mix. Tell us what we should: 

Drink? Your weight in sherry

Wear? Hi-vis

Lighting? Head torch

Eat? Minimally

Accessories – feather boa? dark glasses? Hard hat. Safety net, Trowel.

What did you think about during this mix? 
Will this needle hold up (it didn’t)?

What track in there has the strongest memories?
Most of the records are recent purchases so they’re all pretty fresh in my mind.

Get your ears round the mix here: 

Whats the greatest live performance youve ever seen?
Chaka Khan, every time.

Whos the best DJ in the world?
Daniele Baldelli (but that’s a horrible question)

What do you think the future holds for music if people are no longer willing to pay for it?
A lot of skint musicians.

Please describe the best day of your life to date?
It started early, it finished late. Sunshine was involved. As was dinner and dancing.

If you had to send one record into space, to introduce extra terrestrials to human music, what record would you choose?
Sun Palace – Rude Movements

Which figure from throughout history would you most like to meet and what would you ask them if you had only one question?
The captain of the Marie Celeste. What happened?

What do you think the world will be like in 100 years? Mostly under water.

Whats your greatest vice?
Records and Guinness.

What piece of music makes you cry?
The Ballad Of Easy Rider by The Byrds

Complete the sentence, I’m proper techno because  I shop at Dixons.

First and last record bought?
First: The Sun Goes Down, Level 42.

Last: New Beginnings by Santiago Salazar.

Are you a kick drum, hi hat or a snare? And why?
I’m the whole kit, love.

What are you obsessed with at the moment?
Tidying my record room.

What’s your answer to everything?

Finally, big question: Zapp or Zappa?
I’d probably say Zapp (blame Computer Love).

RSS pres. Tusk Wax party happens this weekend – click the link to find out more. 

To find out about Night Moves you’ll need to have a little dig around… good luck!