Harriet Dyer Talks


This Friday, Knock2Bag East the award winning comedy night will be back at Rich Mix with an explosive line up of the most exciting comedians around. Ahead of the night we caught up with the rising character comedy star Harriet Dyer

Three words that best describe your comedy

Personal, eccentric, quirky

What comedians are your currently finding inspiring?

Phil Nichol, Paul Foot, Sarah Millican, Damien Clarke

How did you get into comedy?

By accident. It was thrust upon me as a compulsory module at Uni. The more I looked into it, the more it interested me. Would never of thought of it if I’d of been left to my own devices. 

Your recent show at the Fringe with Freddie Farrell was entitled ‘Ain’t it Awkward’. What situations do you find most awkward? 

My life as a whole tends to be fairly awkward. I once was checking out a handsome chap on a beach in Cornwall, when a seagull suddenly flew into my head and knocked me unconscious. That was awkward. 

In the show you make comparisons between Birmingham and Cornwall. Could you give us sneaky one now between Cornwall and London?   

London folk tend to move very quickly, where as Cornish folk tend to move very slowly… And often on tractors.

Your favourite one liner joke?

What’s the fastest cake? Scooonnnnnnnnnnne 

See Harriet Dyer along with Will Adamsdale,  Mae Martin and Phil Wang  at Knock2Bag East on Friday 29th November at Rich Mix.
Tickets 8 in advance.  Available here

Holly Hyde-Smith