Dj To Dj: Night Moves To Night Moves (Jade Seatle & Jane Fitz)


Night Moves was founded in March 2012 by Jade Seatle and Jane Fitz. The foundation of it was the friendship between the pair and their desire to make something that had all but disappeared. With a name formed from the two of them throwing names and song titles back and forth, Night Moves came into existence with a spacey, nocturnal flyer from their friend Matt Pond. Here, the label's creators tell us a bit more about the history of the party before the pair go on to interview each other in a way that only they can;

"We have some rules – we try to only book DJs or live acts that we know personally. And we try to work with the same team.We always try and change it up in the way that we play – together or apart or swapping or whatever. We don't really have a guest list so that keeps everyone on the same level and keeps the party democratic. And we remain continually grateful for the support of our regulars who come, party after party, from all corners of the UK, and even from Europe.

We've been lucky with venues. After the first at some dodgy basement in Dalston, we went back to a photo studio in Hackney where Jane had held the last ever Peg party (the party she ran for ten years until 2009). They were super cool and let us do what we wanted really, and everyone loved that place – it says something when your crowd makes the best of having only two toilets by saying the queue was the best place to meet people. We had to leave cos they stopped doing late parties cos of the neighbours. We've now moved to north-west London – partly because the venue is amazing, and partly because there are so many identikit warehouse parties in the East End now, in an ever-decreasing circle of venues. Now if you come to NM, you come for the duration. And half our crowd come from all over the country anyway so they don't care where it is, just what it's like when you're there – which is how it should be. 

Day Moves, our summer outdoor party, came out of a venue landing in our lap. They're magic – you come in by boat, there's a big Caribbean BBQ, it's by the river, it's really green, everyone can see each other and we do them if it's sunny, so the feeling is like a little mini festival that ends at 10pm. And the Field Moves tent at Field Maneuvers came about from us playing at the first one and suggesting it as a way to bring 100 or so of our mates and regulars to the festival. It must have worked as they've asked as back this year."

Jade probes Jane

JS: Our baby is 3. How do you feel about that? 

JF: Like a proud parent. We had a vision for NM when it started – to make a party for all our mates, and beyond, to play the music we wanted, to keep it friendly and it's exceeded all our expectations – it's built a community, we've met loads of lovely people, we've made a day time party that's like a mini festival wonderland, we've got a tent at a wicked festival, our friendship has survived – all without us really trying. Can't wait to see what the little pup will get up to next.

JS: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 

JF: Your spare room, so I could see your face every day… or in the middle of nowhere, in a sunny, fertile land, in a big open house where my pals could live too and we could alternate between making noise and enjoying the peace. And where we could keep our goat, Night Hooves.

JS: Name your ultimate guilty pleasure record? One that you're a bit embarrassed about liking.

JF: You know I don't get embarrassed about my records – shit or otherwise. The worse they are the prouder I am. I can't deny my love for Everything She Wants by Wham! But I played it at the Day Moves Christmas party and loads of people were singing along. 

JS: What has been your favourite 'Moves-related moment and why?

JF: I have three that stick out – the first birthday party with XDB from start to finish for pure vibes – it felt like it had all come together at that one. The second Day Moves we did with Dan Harrington – it was outdoors in September so it got darker earlier, and as soon as the sun went down it felt like the best party we'd ever done – everyone cheering and going mental. Such a brilliant feeling. And then probably the first one, at the end of the night with Jenifa. I mean the sound and venue were basically crap, but after talking about it for ages, making a promise to Jen at her house in Connecticut that we'd do whatever we could to get her to London – and the realisation that we'd actually done it and it was the start of something – that felt good.

JS: What are your best memories from our road trips to the U.S?

JF: Well it's definitely NOT the megabus to Pittsburgh. Probably staying in that amazing loft in Detroit and that lovely sunny day at Eastern Market. Or meeting Billy Love at TV Lounge. Or seeing the Crafty Beaver in Chicago. Or just your daily updates on my snoring. We need to do another one soon don't we? 

JS: How do you like your potatoes? 

JF: Every which way but mashed.

JS: What was the last record you bought that got you really excited? 

JF: ALL of them is a total cop out, right? It was probably that recent repress of C-Brand – Wired For Games. I'd been after that for about ten years and could never afford it, so that. Probably my guilty pleasure as well, seeing as i've admitted a repress got me excited.

JS: Describe me in three words

JF: Fit. Kind. Looooong.

JS: Will you let me straighten your hair for fun?

JF: This is never going to happen.

JS: What would be your dream gig, or have you already had one?

JF: Outdoors, sunrise, overlooking some mountains, bad-ass system, total freedom, loads of people not looking at the stage but just larking about and dancing and having a whale of time, complete mischief – yeah this has actually happened – at Meadows In The Mountains a couple of years ago, and in France a few years ago, and it's going to happen in Japan this year too. If I can keep replicating that scenario, somehow and somewhere, i'll never tire of it. Then again, you're never there so it could be better. Also, if we could replicate that year all our mates were going absolutely potty at Freerotation when I played the tent on Sunday afternoon , that is bang up there too.

Jane probes Jade

JF: Describe Night Moves in three words.

JS: Liberal. Organic. Special.

JF: What's been your favourite Moves-related moment so far, and why?

JS: It's hard to pin-point one moment, there have been quite a few. Field Maneuvers was utopian! Running our own tent and having your mates to DJ in it, and spending the whole weekend with them in a pretty field. What could be finer? NM Berlin was also a great moment, all our friends that came with us to support, that was special.

All our guests have been brilliant and I've enjoyed the different elements they've brought to the parties. I couldn't pick a favourite but I do regularly go back to the recording of our first NM with Jenifa Mayanja, that mix for me is such a wonderful journey, I think we all played really well together that night even though the sound wasn't too great. The music flows beautifully, all 5 hours of it.

JF: Any records that put you back on the NM floor and why?

JS: It would have to be that Electrospy track on Brain Coral, it's had what, about 3 or 4 airings? It's become a bit of a NM anthem, I haven't played it yet but there's still time!

JF: Why do we do Day Moves?

JS: For the jerk chicken? You can't beat dancing outside in the sun.

JF: Describe me in three words.

JS: Knowledgeable. Bossy. Fun.

JF: How do you like your eggs?

JS: Mostly at home I make scrambled eggs with chives, if I don't have chives I won't make them, I'll have poached instead! Luckily I have loads of rogue chives growing in the garden, so I'm kept in chives all spring and summer long. I also like boiled and fried eggs. I like eggs, a lot, all styles. 

JF: Describe how we met.

JS: At a Kerfuffle party at the Jamm in Brixton. What was it, 2005 or 2006? I was quite merry, and you were playing and I was thinking, 'who is this curly haired girl playing all this wicked music and making me dance so much'. Then later in the night, I invited myself on to your table outside and told you a story.

JF: What's your favourite pop video ever?

JS: Well it's not pop, but it's the first one that appears in my head. The Pharcyde – Drop video. That made quite an impact on me then, It is directed by Spike Jonze and the subjects do everything backwards while it is filmed, then the film is played in reverse. A couple of years ago I looked up on-line and found a 'the making of the Drop' video, and it's crazy what went in to it, they even had to learn the lyrics backwards so they could lip sync in time.

I love all of Kate Bush's videos, she has a flair like no other for storytelling. The one I like best is Experiment IV, it's about an experiment to create a machine that makes a sound capable of killing someone, it really disturbed me, I was quite young then.

And for the cheese pop factor – Club Tropicana by Wham, because it reminds me of holidays, and the 80s. Sorry, can I have three?

JF: If you could change anything from the past three years of NM/DM/FM what would it be?

JS: Not. A. Thing.

JF: Beavers are back in Britain's waterways and they're thriving – how does that make you feel?

JS: Cheery. It's cheerful news isn't it?

Night Moves celebrate turning 3 on Saturday 21st March with Benjamin Brunn, click here for tickets.