dicky trisco talks


Ahead of playing at Proto this Saturday, we caught up with Mr Dicky Trisco – disco jockey, remixer, reworker du monde to talk everything from the Glasto bogs to Jan Hammer via Daft Punk and Virtual Moustaches…

Good evening Dicky. How are you?

Not bad thanks.

Whats all this we hear about Proto?

Well Proto is a night we have put together at Corsica thats happening this Saturday night. House music in one room and Disco music in the other. Not sure what it will be like in the middlebut 4 good labels involved Disco Deviance, House of Disco, Home Taping & Loft Records and some top DJs like Chris Duck, Citizen, Roberto Rodriguez and Lite Nite Tuff Guy making his London debut. Plus a live set from Nicholas. What more can you want?

I had an idea for a genre called Post-Proto once. You know, the sound of now type thing. What do you think?

Not sure about the sound of now to be honestwhenever I hear it it sounds pretty awful. So we try to avoid it and stick with what feels good.

Youve reworked the likes of Edwyn Collins, Bryan Ferry and Franz Ferdinand – whod be your dream artist to have a crack at?

David Bowie if hes listening? But I am very, very pricey David

What do you think of the term Nu-Disco? Personally, Im not a fan of the nu prefix. Id prefer if it was just called disco, if thats what it is. Its ironic because when disco was actually new in the 70s, nobody called it new then. Will you have a word with whoever decides please, was it you?

I was never very happy with the term nu discomainly because most people used it as an excuse to carry on making deep house and I actually liked Disco music. So seemed kind of pointless really. But for some it did signify an attempt to do something different and bring in other influences to their music and DJ sets. And that was a good thing at the time as house music had become pretty bloody boring. But as a term it got over-used and adulterated until it has now become a meaningless.  So people use it a lot now to sell shit things and you can feel free to use it too if you want.

Everyone needs a gimmick, lad advised my father when I was a young man. Deadmaus has a a mouses head, Elvis had a jumpsuit, Jackson had a monkey. Have you got a gimmick?

I have a virtual moustache.

Are you playing Glasto again this year? Can you tell us your most debauched Glastonbury story, preferably one involving farmyard animals or, failing that, Bono?

No Im not playing at Glasto this year. Shame as I love it. I did one a few years back which was absolutely scorchio..and really by day 2 I knew that it would be my best festival experience ever and that I should just give up going to any others after that. But by day 3 I had forgotten that and anything else of any importance. The next year it was a mud bath. 

But this year I am playing at Festival Number Six to get my camping fix, and that looks very promising. Great line up and top setting.

The most debauched moments at Glastonbury are always in the bogs I reckon

Whos the best DJ youve ever had the pleasure of hearing play out, bar Will Troupe, obviously?

Chris Duckenfieldand Will Troupe of course.

What do you think of the new Daft Punk record and the discos back!! madness thats gone along with it?

Not heard the LP to be honest. But Get Lucky doesnt really blow my mind. I think it is an alright pop song. But whole thing strikes me as a classic mainstream humping something that has already been going on for the last 10 years kind of thing. In my case Disco never went away anyway so no big deal. 

But I wish them luck with it all and compared to something Simon Cowell has produced for the charts at least they tried to do something semi-decent and involve some interesting characters.

Finally, in this music-saturated world – where theres such overkill that 75% of the tracks on Itunes has never been downloaded, whats the single, finest piece of music youve ever heard?

Jan Hammer Dont You Know.

Many Thanks.

No problem. Thank you.

Dicky Trisco plays Proto at Corsica Studios this Saturday 22nd June. Further info/tickets over here.