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Claudia ODoherty brings her fourth Edinburgh Fringe production to London, following her Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination for 2012s boundary-busting The Telescope.

Pioneer is set to be her most absurd, audacious and grandest show to date. We caught up with Claudia, ahead of her run at the Soho Theater, to find out more…

Three words that describe your latest show Pioneer?

Loud, stupid, big.

Your shows always involve an element of technology and this show is set to be even grander, so what can we expect? 


Has technology ever let you down during a show? 

All the time.  Its quite stressful.  My second show depended on a lot of tech going smoothly, which it rarely did, so I wrote my third show The Telescope, about technology that always fails.

In Pioneer your onstage persona showcases various talents in the hope to be rocketed to stardom. Do you have any unusual talents that you bring out at parties? 

I can fit my fist in my mouth.

This is will be your fourth solo show, any lessons you’ve learnt from previous experience?

Make sure its all fun to do.  Dont cover yourself in fake blood in your show.

Post-Fringe Festival which comedians are you finding funny? 

Bridget Christie, Dayne Rathbone, Tig Notaro.

How do British audiences compare to Australian?

They have different accents and there are more of them.

You’ve co-written two books 100 facts about pandas and 100 facts about sharks. Have your eye on an animal for a third book?

Absolutely not. 

Best one-liner you’ve heard? 

Cant think of one, but this tweet from Bob Mortimor is very funny:

#askGokWan have you ever patted a horse so hard that it fell over?

Holly Hyde-Smith

For further details and tickets for Pioneer follow this link.