Back To Back: Luke Solomon Talks To Neville Watson


Luke Solomon and Neville Watson have been at this thing called house for quite some time now.

Friends for a while, it's only now they've decided to join forces and play a one-off (maybe) back to back affair this weekend together. 

Ahead of said back-ism the pair chatted about the nature of one on, one off-manship…

Luke: Is it something you have done historically – do you have any special relations in this area? People you enjoy a one on one with…

Neville: It is something I've done from time to time. KiNK and I sometimes do it when we're asked and it's always good fun. I've played together with Dom Cappello, which was rather nerve wracking because he's such a brilliant DJ.

L: I used to do it a lot with Kenny – always a lot of one upmanship  – competition etc Can be healthy – can be annoying – what are your thoughts on that?

N: It's great to be spurred on by someone but I think you have to be careful it doesn't get too competitive at the expense of the dancefloor. KiNK and I once played with another DJ, who will remain nameless, was pretty rigid and off on his own trip. It made waiting for two other people to play two records each before your turn pretty tedious.

L: On the other side of that – it can really encourage you to hone your craft – mix in key  take people on a journey and be thoughtful of your btb partner.  Do you have any memorable moments?

N: Well, I don't think I've ever consciously mixed in key but yes, the ideal scenario is that you both lead each other down a route that you might not have gone down on your own. Those moments when someone pulls out a tune you don't know and you think, "I know exactly what will fit with that". Playing with Dom was like that and also DJ Tlr. 

L: It took me years to end playing b2b with Derrick (Carter) – I was always his "warm up" DJ for years, because it worked musically. I then felt confident enough to dj along side – anyone that you would like to go one on one with? 

N: I'd imagine once you've gone back to back with Mr. Carter you'd be ready to face anything, that must be a fairly daunting prospect.  I wouldn't mind going head to head with Mr. Weatherall and obviously I'm looking forward to our gig together, digging out some gems as we speak.

N: Luke, who are some famous tag teams you can think of and who have you seen play b2b and really enjoyed?

L: Used to love watch Derrick Carter and Sneak play 4 turntables at Industry in Toronto back in the 90’s. That was stacks of fun – Rob Mello and Zaki Dee also ace to watch
More recently – Martinez Brothers and Seth in Mexico was pretty mega too. 

N: Do you prepare for a gig differently if you're doing a back to back set? How would you approach?

Yes, when I am aware of it upfront – I like to take the other persons tastes into consideration and find that point where both our styles will work together – its important to create a vibe – 
otherwise it turns into a musical battle

Any disastrous experiences in this field?

I am pretty sure I was removed from a Freaks tag team trio in Washington when we were touring once – but can’t really remember tbh

Lastly I was thinking of doing something like this for our show, what do you reckon? 

It’s like we are sharing the same minds man – think we should wear wrestlers masks too for full impact.

Luke Solomon & Neville Watson play back to back to back this weekend at Random Magic, warming up for Green Velvet vs Cajmere (yes, he is the same, same but different person) as well as Boddika, South London Ordnance, October and more. Full details here