Baby G Talks


In preparation of the big Discovery Carnival bash this Sunday, where the boys cross swords with Young Marco and Baby G, Neil Thornton & Jac the Disco get the low down on Baby G for her love of the Carnival, B Pitch Records and how she would love to play back to back with Joe Claussell.

Baby G, a.k.a Georgina Fernandez, has been a firm fixture and exciting DJ talent at many underground dance clubs around the world since the mid-late 90’s be it at D-edge, Fabric, Panorama Bar or Watergate. Originally from Barcelona, in 2004 she moved to London, partnering with Reverso 68’s Pete Herbert in the studio to add to a list of original Nu Disco pioneers as recording outfit ‘L.S.B.’, releases followed on Eskimo,Rekids, Skylax and the duo’s own ‘Superdiscoteca’ label.

Her music has had regular support by such luminaries as DJ Harvey, Greg Wilson, Erol Alkan, Faze Action, The Glimmers, Luciano, Optimo & Rub N Tug amongst many others.In 2008 Baby G relocated to the current infamous worldwide rave capital Berlin where she continues to regularly play at the best underground parties while also developing her more recent electronic music project ‘Dance Disorder’ on Berlin finests Bpitch Control Records, collaborating with artists like Massimiliano Pagliara, Discodromo, Snuff Crew or Murphy Jaxx and receiving full support from Djs like Damian Lazarus, Radio Slave, Neville Watson, Serge, Jerome Sydenham and Ellen Alien.

Hey Baby G, hope you’re keeping well. How are tricks? Summer good?

Yeah, summer has been amazing so far. I’ve played at Sonar, Panorama Bar, Garden Festival and some other awesome locations….

Will you be visiting the Notting Hill Carnival?

Yes I am! I used to go every year, but now haven’t been there for 7 years and I can’t wait to put the whistle in my mouth again!!

Have you ever worn a head dress to DJ in?

Not really, I’m very classic for that a pony tail it’s enough….

Do you have a favourite samba-fused banger to play out?

I have plenty of those!!

What’s your favourite label at the moment?

I don’t have one label that I follow, I admire quite a lot of them but doesnt mean I like all the stuff they release…

Who’s your favourite back to back DJ partner?

I enjoy playing back to back with my music partner Robin C quite a lot , but I do have a dream to play back to back with the Maestro that is Joe Claussell

Apart from disco, what other music makes you really happy and why?

Salsa, do I really need to tell you why??

Give us three records you will be digging out for the weekend.

Konk- Love Attack
Petra & Co – Just Let Go

Black Coffee – Juju

How is Berlin these days?

Amazinballs!!! There’s so much happening it barely leaves you time to sleep….

How did you hook up with Bpitch?

I was doing mixes of my tracks at the same studio as Ellen Alien, she heard them and wanted to work with me straight away, then we djed together and we fell in love with each other…

What’s your favourite Carnival drink? (So we can make sure you rider is well stocked!)

It used to be rum and coke and red stripe, but since I gave up alcohol a year ago, I guess some exotic fruit juices will do the job.

Neil Thornton

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