Arnaldo Talks to Christopher Rau


Smallville Records alumni Arnaldo takes a moment to interview fellow label mate Christopher Rau ahead of their show this Saturday at Dance Tunnel about all manner of things peculiar to them, from tea to pretzels to wearing socks with sandals. Letting the music speak for itself, Arnaldo asks Christopher Rau the questions no one else would think to ask

Listen to Christopher Rau live @ Panoramabar as you read.

Arnaldo: You are a man of several pairs of sandals of a recognised brand. Would you say that sandals are your favourite form of footwear?

Christopher Rau: Yes I’m a man of sandals. They are comfortable and keep my feet fit I always use them at home, as you know.

A: Do you wear these with socks in public?

C: It’s happened once or twice, I’m pretty sure.

A: What is your favourite blend of tea including the ones you mix yourself? I must stress teabag mixing would give the average English person heart palpitations.

C: I love all those feel good teas that are on the market now, you know those Be Happy teas and stuff. Occasionally I’ll mix two teabags in one can of tea.

A: You come from Bavaria in the South of Germany. Are the pretzels different there? You must excuse my pretzel question as I am a big fan of the salty bread snack.

C: Yes they are. They are written with a b instead of a p like “brezn”. But even in Bavaria the brezn quality differs from bakery to bakery. And it’s also about what you fancy. There are dry and crunchy ones and there are soft fluffy ones.

A: More food related questions. When I was over in Berlin I had the honour of you cooking for me. Do you enjoy cooking and baking?

C: Yes I do, but only if I have a guest at my house. When I’m alone I’m mostly too lazy and end up eating a shawarma or something similar.

A: Which Smallville Records T-shirt are you gonna wear on Saturday as I would hate to clash?

C: I dont know.. maybe I’ll just wear a plain grey or black t-shirt, that way you have all the choice.

Arnaldo: In closing we have mentioned nothing about music. I hope this has not offended you but at least we now know the very important question of whether the Bavarian Pretzel is different to that found in other parts of Germany.

We hope to see you all on Saturday at Dance Tunnel, where me and Christopher will be playing some music and hopefully not in matching tees.

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Join Christopher Rau and Arnaldo on Saturday 9th November at Dance Tunnel from 10pm – 3am.
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