Intonal announces 2022 festival line up

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The celebrated arts and music festival will return this coming April featuring guests including DJ Bone, Fulu Miziki, Grouper, Hiro Kone and more.

Set to take place in Malmö between the 20th and 24th of April the multi disciplinary festival will play host to some of the most innovative and adventurous artists from across the spectrum of electronic and experimental music having invited an all star cast to complete the 2022 line up.

Names announced today include John T Gast, Oko Dj, Ka Baird, Fågelle and many more. Stand out performances will come in the form of Space Afrika following the release of their acclaimed album on Dais, Dj Bone will bring with him his legendary status as a powerhouse of Detroit house and techno whilst exclusive world premieres will be debuted by Hiro Kone, Tintin Patrone, Tyler Friedman, WaqWaq Kingdom and more.


The crew behind the festival released a powerful and poignant message alongside the line up, an inspired vision for what the 2022 edition represents to them.

“A single piece of music can no doubt have a profound influence on the individual mind. Similarly, an artwork can open the eyes of the beholder in ways they did not think possible, and a performance can rouse unprecedented feelings in the heart of a solo visitor. All this is true.

But fundamentally, all these artforms are meant to be shared. They are collective forms of expression that are absolutely essential to human existence. Deep down, we all know this, yet in our society, these expressions are viewed as nonessential pastimes that can be cut without a moment of hesitation. Especially those that don’t easily translate into dollars.

In the light of this, it’s natural to feel jaded and resort to shoulder-shrugging cynicism. But despair is the straightest road to apathy. At this point we’d rather see you get fired up. Because we are.

The whole point of a festival is to bring people together – a proclamation so self-evident that one would never reflect upon it under ordinary circumstances. But the last two years have given us cause to do just that. Our experience is that the mentality fostered under the lockdowns and restrictions have caused audiences to become less adventurous and more culturally cautious. More than ever, “safe cards” are being favoured over more novel expressions. In this process, borders that used to be drawn with pencils are now being filled in with ink. And make no mistake, these borders run right through us.

We have to fight this, and we have to fight it together.”

More names are set to be announced for the upcoming festival, the first wave of acts set to appear can be seen below:

Bill Ruyle, Peter Zummo & Members Of Mso Present Arthur Russel’s Tower Of Meaning
Big Brave
Dj Bone
Fulu Miziki
Hiro Kone (World Premiere)
Jessica Ekomane
John T Gast
Ka Baird (World Premiere)
Maria Spivak
Martin Messier
Oko Dj
Space Afrika
Tintin Patrone (World Premiere)
TRjj/Hipolito & Poulsen/Sæderup Group
Tyler Friedman (World Premiere)
Vincent Bahar + Ensemble – Hamal (World Premiere)
WaqWaq Kingdom (World Premiere)

Photograph courtesy of Henrik Hellström