R E M E M B E R Talk


R E M E M B E R is an event founded by James Harley and a group of friends who are passionate about raising awareness of male suicide. It is an issue that has affected many of us and is close to the hearts of several people across the music scene. On Thursday 5th March, R E M E M B E R will be taking to London's fabric in an event which will aim to raise awareness of the worryingly high suicide rates on men under 40.

James outlines the reasoning for focusing on male suicides, saying that they are "not trying to stigmatise or discriminate against anybody that takes their own life but if you look at the figure, nearly 80% are men". This terrifyingly high percentage comes along with another ominous stat – Suicide is at a 15 year high in the UK. 

It seems to hit that bit harder when someone within the music community takes their own life, James rationalises this as being a result of "the community we’re in where everyone knows each other, we feel this ripple effect." Having personally known 7 people within the dance music scene that have committed suicide within the last 5 or 6 years, he is determined to help raise awareness of this often hushed down topic. 

"If you ask Joe Bloggs who isn’t informed on the subject and ask him ‘What’s the biggest killer of men under 40?’ he’d probably say a car crash or cancer. The single biggest killer of men under 40 in the UK is suicide."

The event on Thursday will be in support of CALM, a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.

"Remember is not the charity." James states quite clearly. "Our main mission is to support CALM as much as possible and raise their profile. It’s important for us that we’re not a charity. We want to put on non-profit events, doing the things that we love like street food, music, art, live music in cool venues – fabric we’re hoping to have as our annual home and then we’re going to be doing some stages at festivals and other things. We are a party brand or cause or whatever you want to call it in support of CALM."

Lending their support for the night are several people involved within the music community – including Crazy P Soundsystem, Richy Ahmed and Rob Mello who will also be lending their talents to create the evening's entertainment.

R E M E M B E R takes place on Thursday 5th March at fabric, click here for more information and tickets.