Psychogeography: Manfredas in Vilnius


Across the years we have visited many places, Ransom Note is a well travelled machine. However, for the very first time we will touch down in Vilnius this weekend – a plan is in motion which was devised long ago.

We have always heard special things about the city and the people who live there. Tales have been told of an intimate, friendly electronic music community. Opium is a club of which we have heard remarkable stories – late nights, knowledgeable dancers with a sense of openness and respect that has left disc jockeys longing to return. 

Manfredas has been a pivotal figure amist the city for many years – he himself is well travelled and has helped establish a sound within the city which sits very close to our hearts. There is no better man to lead us through the night and guide us through the city. He does so in fine style as part of our psychogeography series below…


My favourite spot in town, especially the not so beaten path by the river of Neris. Good place to revisit Brian Eno’s discography or just 
escape into a quiet world if you suddenly need ten minutes away. Friends call it the good forest, for a reason.


My ex coffee dealers back in the day when I used to run a comercial recording studio. Folk needed caffeined every day. Now a proper coffee shop with a wide selection of beans and stories to tell. They have their own-built coffee makers and a melomaniac owner whom I manage to get behind the decks every 7 years or so.


A joint project that ive been involved heavily in across the last 6 months. A DJ bar slash record store as well as a place for dope cocktails and handpicked records by the city's best selectors. Great place to dance on Thursdays or have a Sazerac on Mondays when we play classical music only. Discotag record shop on the second floor of the bar is the only place in town that's up to date with todays music.


I feel that there’s more skilled people moving into Vilnius. My fave indian spot for lunch. This guy really knows how to make the best dosa you’ve ever had.


Stands for Joy in Lithuania. Best food in town no doubt. Once an owner of an electroclash bar (where i've worn wedding dresses while djing), now officiialy the best chef in country, also one of my best friends Martynas Praskevicius is killing it in his new restaurant everytime. My bud’s not so much into make-up and beats these days, but he surely knows how to work a Beet. New lithuanian cuisine is being invented here right now.


Newest and very intruiging edition to our city – DIY culture centre launched by the people resposible for the most interesting music festival in the country “Braille Satellite” and shows off bands like Faust. An open space for concerts and probably our first internet radio, movie, exhibition and recording studio. 


If diy vibes is not your jam, check this freshly opened museum and find more about Lithuania’s cultural history from WW2 to the present day. It’s also a great space for music. I was invited to play at the opening and it was very refreshing as i don’t get to play much outside the club and night here.


One of the 2 real night clubs in town (“Kablys” is the other one) and I dare to say the best, not just because I reside there.  The team, the sound, the line ups are splendid, but it's the folks energy and resonance that make this place a favourite in the world for many.

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