Psychogeography: #18 – Mr Tc In Glasgow


Bonny Scotland, a Northern friend and a country with passion, heart and soul. Glasgow is the country's largest city, it has also been voted Europe's friendliest and yet has also been known for its reputation as the knife capital of Britain. How these two nominations correlate makes little sense.

However, from a musical perspective Glasgow has always been widely acclaimed for its creative output. The likes of Optimo, Numbers, DABJ, 12th Isle, All Caps and more continue to fly the flag for the city amidst the electronic music community whilst bands, musicians and artists flourish beneath the surface, Mr TC first appeared on our radar following his release on Optimo Music back in 2015. As part of the Night Of The Jaguar crew he has been involved in hosting some of the most innovative parties in Glasgow in recent years, following very much in the footsteps of the likes of JD Twitch, JG Wilkes, Huntleys & Palmers and Highlife. 

This Friday Night Of The Jaguar will take to London for a one off exclusive event in which Mr TC, Leatherette and Metal will all play. We spoke to Thomas about the influence Glasgow has had on the sound of Mr TC and the party as whole….

“Glasgow is where I have called home for the past six years. It’s an amazing little city, which punches way over its weight in terms of things going on. Right now there is an incredible little scene here that I’m so glad to be a part of, people making great music, starting new labels, everyone doing their own thing but all supporting each other and experimenting, collaborating and building. This is a whistle stop tour of some the places I seem to have found myself frequenting since moving here.” 

The Glasgow Necropolis

The Necropolis  is a beautiful graveyard that sits on a hill North-East of the city centre. Definitely worth a stroll through if you visit.  Full of grand and intricate tombs and views over the city from the top. 

Green Door Studio

Probably my favourite place in the world. Green Door is an all-analogue recording studio in the West End. Their free courses for young musicians have given birth to a lot of great music and exciting collaborations. Stu, Sam and Emily that run the place are the best.

The Vic Café

The bar that is attached to Glasgow School of art. This is where we throw our Night of the Jaguar parties every month. Great sound system and really nice crowd.  I’d say the best club in the city. The food is really good and cheap too. 


This Iraqi deli round the corner from my place has been here since 1993. Great stop for the cheap and tasty falafel sandwiches, great humus, baba ganoush, baklava and various things in pickle jars.  Lovely staff too.

Mixed Up

We have Rubadub in Glasgow for new dance music on vinyl but Mixed up is always worth popping into to look through their second hand stock. It helps that I basically live above this place so can always slide down for a flick through the shelves.

Details of Friday's party in London can be found HERE

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