Psychogeography #10: Headman


Zurich is a small City located on the River Limmat. Most of the things that Zurich is known for include lakes, banks, chocolate and watches, but there’s much more than that. Zurich has brought out some great talents in the past few decades from the likes of: Yello, Stephan Eicher, Double and on the fine art side of things Urs Fisher and Fischli Weiss just to name a few. 

The DADA movement and Cabaret Voltaire were born here and let’s not forget the graphic design coming out of Zurich. It is an expensive and conservative society but if you look in between you can always find some creative minds.


The owner Christoph Vetsch used to have one of the best records stores in Zürich back in the day. It was one of the many record stores that Zürich had. It specialised in more post-punk indy, a bit like Rough Trade in the UK. It then turned into a vintage used vinyl store, which was seminal in my artistic development when I started to produce as Headman and when I started Relish. I spend hours in there finding and rediscovering new music. He now runs a vintage furniture store with amazing pieces, not just your average trendy vintage piece, but you can discover some strange and unknown bits. I always end up talking about art and culture somehow. This is a very inspiring spot.



This is an antiques, books, art, photography and rare jazz records store. It’s hidden away in the old part of town, behind the Kunsthaus. Again a place where you can just go and discover books that are very inspiring and collectable. I like the mix in there, you can also find some one off screen prints by some less known artists or graphic designers. Dangerous if you are a Book collector. There’s also a small selected Vintage furniture section.



This was another Record store where I spent many hours digging for obscure Vinyl. It has a very nice selection from DUB to disco to new wave and many obscure vintage records. They also have a clothing and furniture section and some magazines and books.  Every time a DJ was in town we would go there and they would spend all the DJ fee on vinyl. A dangerous place for record addicts.



The best club in town. I started doing Relish Label nights here. The first one was with guest Manfredas and the last one was a RELISH COMP IV special with RED AXES. They have an upstairs Bar with a smoking lounge(if you like smoking while you are out like you can still do in Berlin, this is the right place). Downstairs is the club room, it has a low ceiling and it is really nice to play in, you can create a nice atmosphere in there. Some of the guests playing in the upcoming months are Daniel Avery, Optimo, Roman Flügel, Ame, Kink and so on, a great mix of Club lands finest.



It used to be an old socialist work mans Restaurant. They have turned it into a big modern restaurant with a bar in the front area. Urs and Yves, two legends from the Zurich night life/ Gastro scene are part of this. I used to do events with them as well as flyers, posters and artwork. They serve traditional swiss cuisine with a french touch.


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