Where Is Your Mind? – Regeneration


REGENERATION at The Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, London W11 2AY.
Saturday 17th-Sunday 18th November 2012.

An interactive weekend of experiencing altered states of consciousness. 

You know the drill. The end of the working week rears its paltry head as the tired suits and weekday minions head to the local nowhere-joint bearing the cross of visible underwear and crumpled ties, with a view to drown the meaningless slog of day to day life beneath the inevitable torrent of cheap drink and forgettable music. You’re just another head amongst the resignation, with barely enough consciousness in the tank to weather the onslaught of small talk and social bravado concurrent with existence inside a major western metropolis.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well fuck that, whoever you are. Because opportunities are slim when it comes to bucking the civilian zeitgeist, and on this sacred November weekend you have a chance to expand your mind beyond the confines of uniformity. 

If you dare to take a small detour from the worn-out track, the interior of The Tabernacle will offer a distinct escape from the trappings of conventional reality. Billing itself as an exploration of altered states of consciousness, Regeneration seeks to explore the influence of the psychedelic experience on music and the arts, and its wider implications on mind and society. 

Regeneration is a celebration of human innovation; an intellectual focus on interaction with the advance of technology and its relation with visual, musical, and artistic influence. The two day celebration aims to use the meditative and medicinal application of alternative thinking as a potential remedy for the ills of current human approach to the problems faced by contemporary civilisation. 

So, where exactly is your mind? 

Are you prepared for an academic focus on the positive force of psychedelically induced insight? Are you visually ready for the mind-bending impact of the second ever screening of experimental British films Solar Flairs Burn For You, lifted directly from barely trodden archives existing between 1967-1973? Are you prepared to kick normality square between the legs?

Well, wherever you are, surely this world away from the usual pub hysteria of cognitively-challenged footballers and vacuous sexual conquests merits the attention of the most reluctant of sentient beings. And, whatever you may choose to do on any given weekend, this one dare a human say, could be different. Regeneration urges you to take a vacation from the norm and delve into a new metaphysical state of communal solidarity. 

Don’t be scared. You’re going to do yourself a favour. This is a shot at lasting experience within an ever-changing modern environment. It’s something that you might have a chance at recollecting on a grey Monday morning. 

Idel Hand

REGENERATION takes place at The Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, London W11 2AY.
Saturday 17th-Sunday 18th November 2012.