This Week… whilst wading through treacle.


"LIke herding cats whilst wading through treacle…"  SJ

"In an avalance of crap, there's the occasional nugget of goodness." JE Contrary to popular opinion we do actually like things over at R$N towers.

– New self-regulation body recommended
– Independent of serving editors, government and business
– No widespread corruption of police by the press found
– Politicians and press have been too close
– Press behaviour, at times, has been 'outrageous' 
Leveson. Great work… wonder how much it cost? Will anything be done about it?

Astronomers have spotted an enormous black hole – the second most massive ever – but it resides in a tiny galaxy. It is a supermassive black hole with a mass 17 billion times that of our Sun/ You must find out more here… ok? Good…

Wtf is going on with Yoko Ono? Loco Ono mate… loco! 

Nice idea…



Ta ra… 
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