This Week… Tiers of a Clown!


“I was a bandwagon jumper. If everybody in high school listened to it, so did I.” – Deadmau5

It’s been a funny sort of week really, what with the country being divided into various states of access. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to me but then again i’m not a scientist or politician so what do I know. The North is fed up because the South isn’t shut and the South is fed up because the North keep coming to visit the South. So go figure…

Anyway, not too much has happened this week, we all got tiered the f*ck up by Boris and co. and then a lot of folk kicked off on Tweeter about who got what grant? There was a lot of mud slinging and cultural comparisons made, which to be honest probably did little good considering we’re all soon going to be obsolete and retrained in cyber anyway. 

Overseas the US election is just around the corner, which is just about the perfect conclusion to what might have been the most damned year on planet earth thus far. I hope the big ginger peanut wins. 

It’s Friday so I best get off now, I hope you have a tremendous weekend inside, alone, without any friends or family, shivering in fear of a virus on the loose.