This Week… Return to Madness!


“I think it’s a myth that American public or any other public is so stupid that they need to be constantly pricked.” – Brian Eno

Well there’s no shortage of talking points this week, that’s for certain. We are only eight days into 2021 and there’s been more action than a whole series of 24 already. Seriously, you couldn’t write this sh*t and whoever did had a stroke of genius when they added some sort of Jamiroquai, Falconhoof crossover into the mix of the Capitol Hill riots. I mean seriously, bravo! 

I guess that’s as good a place to start really, hundreds of oddball power hungry Nazi’s descending upon the Senate under the orders of their grand overlord Donald Trump. To be honest, it’s impressive that he managed to encourage that many middle aged men away from their basements and video games for a whole day. I mean usually they probably spend most of their time vanquishing demons and armies on Fortnite whilst furiously tugging one off to Tomi Lahren. They managed to leave their chariots for the day to smash some sh*t up, all the while dressed as if they were heading to a D&D convention. I’ve never seen anything like it… 

In all honesty, joking aside, that was horrid and if the right wing think that’s how to throw a party then I ain’t coming.

Elsewhere, we are all back in lockdown, WOOHOOOO! Let the good times keep on rollin’!

Clap for Carers is back and has been rebranded for 2021 as Clap for Heroes which is fair because I regularly think that the Tesco staff should wear full spandex and capes whilst stacking the shelves. It would certainly make the whole experience more exciting if Dave from Fruit and Veg was dressed as Batman and summoned through the supermarket tannoy to fend off any jokers stockpiling toilet roll. 

Anyway I’m sure this will not long be over and things back to normal soon…………………………………………………

Here’s some internet… 

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