This Week… it’s almost gone is 2011


"i created an account just? so i could like this video" ?watsthisguysdeal

L, what is the Higgs Boson?
"As I understand it, the Higgs boson is a theoretical particle that gives mass to other particles. Assuming that it exists makes sense of various phenomena, but nobody has ever seen any direct evidence of its actual existence before. CERN is now starting to bash particles together to see if they produce evidence of the Higgs boson (or accidentally create a black hole that will suck the universe in on itself), but it wont be fully up and running at full energy levels until 2013-14, so dont expect an answer soon." That's cleared it up for my small little brain.

"Meanwhile, have you heard John Zorn's new xmas album? Its pretty good."

'this is not a withdrawal, this is an act on a stage' on the US's quick smart exit from Iraq Righty-ho and that means…?…?…?

So I sit in the semi darkness, half a bacon, egg and mushroom sandwich in hand – no that's not a euphemism – cup o' tea in the other and reminisce on the year gone by. I know it's not the end yet – tell me it's not the end, please tell me – but it's getting there and what with all these garibaldis reminscing that it's been such a crazy year for news where do you even begin to start? I mean where do you start? I have yet to get over Amy's passing, let alone deal with young uns tearing my town apart as Cammers single handedly pulls apart the entrie fabric of society whilst isloating us from Europe to appease his backbenchers who'll be dead in 20 years anyway.

Decided against a top of best of who did the best backslapping top 100057 of 2011 over here at R$N towers. It would only be full of bitterness and sarcasm anyway and you get enough of that in these ramblings here any anyway.

Riots, revolution and financial meltdown should be a gift for comics but Berlusconi is beyond satire. Good article on Sat about the bumper news filled 2011 and that for satire, just as for Silvio Berlusconi's psychoanalyst, there have been many issues to address.

Forget our own Top 50, let's go with 'These 50 photos will blow you away' maaaan. Actually very good.

Also FACT's Top 50 tracks of 2011 is rather good too.

As is Boomkat's 14tracks 2011 round up in 3 parts – so far – ton o' werid biscuits in there too. Well worth a check.

Oh and Reuters images of 2011 is a good little look too.

See, don't need any of my sarcasm… the above are much better.

Forgot to include a bit about The Great Property Scandal last week. There we go, I've done it this week… alright? Fine then… – I know what I want for Xmas

Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012

Drawing Autism – interesting collection of artwork by people diagnosed with autism. Like this one – very xmassy. Prob shouldn't use it as a main image. Get told off like.

Oooh pretty colours… I like pretty colours.

I love Japan, I also like houses in Japan. This is a good one.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to conceive written communication. So many pairs or trios of words and phrases stymie us with their resemblance to each other. Here’s a quick guide to alleviate (or is it ameliorate?) your suffering

Have you seen Darkbeat? Ms K Weir highlighted that it's available on that thing called youtube… not seen it for ages. You should really check out both parts. Real electro is an incredible permutation of this thing we call electronic music. You should also take a look at how young everyone looks in this video… Mr Tenniswood looks like a right spring chicken! đŸ™‚ You should also check K Weir's rather wonderful Null + Void blog for all things good.

Right, I'm off to join the ever popular dating for clubbers with a whopping 21 likes… go on!
Oh god, i can hear the kids outside – not mine – coming home from school… i know i'm late!! Wxx