This Week in feelings…


"I pay tribute to our troops who are stepping in to make sure we have a successful Olympic Games…" Eddie M.. ummm, how did we get here again?! Troops stepping in for an Olympic games?! Nice… nice work.

"I make art to feel less cynical about the world" Jeremy Deller

"Feel me know, find a plate glass window, for you and you and you…Here comes a love song, there goes a bannister flying into a plate glass window for you…" Blancmange. Jesus mate, do you realise you committed this to record?! Great record tho. 

"Train drivers are to stage three days of strikes during the Olympics in a row over pensions, threatening disruption to spectators travelling to the Olympics" Skegness Standard
"Olympics: Ministers Slammed Over 'Chaos'‎" Sky Songs
"Get a grip on Olympics, MPs urge government‎. Ministers are ordered to "get a grip" over preparations for the Olympic Games, amid continuing doubts about security plans." BBC News
"Olympics fiasco gets global exposure"‎ Financial Times
MPs tell government to 'get a grip' on G4S over Olympics security …‎ Metro
…Oh my god, this is going to be f%^&ing brilliant isn't it?! This whole thing is going to be amazing.

"And Iran has rejected that allegation… well Chris Morris is in… reporting" You would have thought you'd change your name if you were a BBC reporter under that name wouldn't you?
'Thank you Sander Van Horn from NOS…; wow, the BBC's really pumping out the reporter names today. Sander Van Horn like Sander Van Doorn yeah? Always best when you have to explain your joke/observation isn't it…

"Dear Londoners™ the UK,
Your Olympics™ start in just a few days and we hope that you're excited! They are your Olympics™ that have cost you £2.5bn£9bn £11.7bn possibly £24bn of your money, that's 38p per household, that you really need in these times of austerity but were forced have chosen to spend on what is sure to be the best Olympics™ ever ever. So you have to enjoy them, you don't have a choice. We've put lots of measures in place all for your Olympics, including allocating tickets via a lottery system. We thought this would be better than giving free tickets to people in the local area as who knows what ruffians that may allow inside the Park™, so instead many of you used your VISA™ credit cards which all of the people we'd like to invite clearly have at their disposal to deposit unaffordable amounts of money only to get tickets to watch a horse dance™ or speed walking™ while our corporate executives get to watch Usain Bolt™, because it's your Olympics™."

As visions of the Adriatic drift into memories – a full reflection soon come next week, too good! – a storm-clouded thump back down to earth in Londinium town and positive thoughts towards rumours of next week's thunder clouds lifting for FARRRRRR… I feel less old this week. Spending time with a Croatian town full of older 'heads' has made R$N realise that this tipping point we've been trying to avoid in its life, need not be a tipping point but merely a re-invention and re-evaluation that you don't always need to be running to be ahead of the game but can look back to all the great music passed. He says. Anyhow, enough of this self-reflection. The Olympics is fkkd, the weather's fkkd, Jeremey Hunt is… well Jeremey Hunt is just a massive garibaldi. 

Let us move into all the good stuff forthwith and pray this Olympiad does not impede on our day to days.The cohort just highlighted there's stacks of paralympics events still for for sale. Seems like a far less hectic option in Sept.

Topical brolly post, what?

"This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." Not particularly clever by an employee of Burger King! 

Turn Youtube into Snake game – quite fun.

I think we may have been here before but this is quite fun to tit around on making some beaty, beaty, plinky, plonky, noisy, noises… on.


Can hot water freeze faster than cold water? Yes — a general explanation

Tell me about time before the big bang… on a street corner.

Do people really not have anything better to do than make 25 more great 'That guy actors – he says as he collates random nonsense – possibly 25 bits of – onto a page… 

Just weird:

Nestle paedo bear… ummm I'm running out of stuff here aren't I? At least I've done a bit better job this week.

Lee Scratch Perry & The Orb's reinterpretation of Little Fluffy Clouds. Strangely oddly good.

Right, pretty sure I've had too much tea and sugar…

Best get off… love you x

Remember there's now a disco bus to FARR next week… get in touch on the FBK Event Page if you want in like…x