This Week in 9 stages of acid, Coupland and getting rid of anger


“You wait for fate to bring about the changes in life which you should be bringing about by yourself.”

“You fear that if you lower your guard for even one second your whole world will disintegrate inchaos.” 

“You pretend to be more eccentric than you actually are because you fear you are aninterchangeable cog.”

“Could the situation be that we no longer believe in that particular place? Or maybe we we're all promised Heaven in our lifetimes, and what we ended up with can’t help but suffer incomparison.”

"When you grow older a dreadful, horrible sensation will come over you. It's called loneliness,and you think you know what it is now, but you don't. Here is a list of the symptoms, and don'tworry – loneliness is the most universal sensation on the planet. Just remember one fact -loneliness will pass. You will survive and you will be a better human for it."

"As you grow older, it becomes harder to feel 100 percent happy; you learn all the things that can go wrong; you become superstitious about tempting fate, about bringing disaster uponyour life by accidentally feeling too good one day." all from Mr Douglas Coupland's end of January 2009 Quotes

"The UK economy shrank by 0.3% in the last three months of 2012, further fuelling fears that the economy could re-enter recession." MUST SPEND MORE! "The economy has grown by just 1%, real wages have fallen, and the manufacturing and construction sectors have shrunk. We remain as dependent on the City as we did before the financial crash."  Cool so we learnt tons from what happened a few years ago then yeah? "depressed confidence and a chronic shortage of demand mean our economy continues to flat line." Maybe start looking at other models perhaps? Yeah nice one Wil, you've got all the answers haven't you. New world order yeah? R$N world order… that's us. We'll get back to you next week on some solutions yeah… 

Just what is GDP anyway.

Anyway, who needs a recession when you've got Oakam?
"They might be ABSOLUTE scum, but there's no way you can deny the music in the Oakam adverts is jolly." KD

Anyone have a solutions to emails? Every morning I sit down a virtual bomb that's gone off in my virtual postbox… my favourite this morning was being included on a facebook round robin from someone I had no idea
I knew " attempting to get a slot in a bar in melbourne but we'll see how it goes." Now I'm not one to do down people doing stuff… but do I need that in my inbox? What has 2.0 done to us all. Just turned into digital e-slaves. Not E slaves, I could prob live with that… 

Anyway, enough of this maudlin, maudlinity… we're almost out of January.
Dave Lee Travis you say… 

Completely forgot how great Procatinator is…

Decent Death Disco reissues on Strut… cheap n' all.

Obama's Dirty War


Introducing the Guardian and Observer Weekend™ – not bad guys, not bad at all. 

9 stages of an acid trip… Step 1.

Check the other 8 here.

Blimey, Franz Reichelt was a bit mental wasn't he…click pic innit.

Have a look round the Vatican… click the picture.


The Universe Magnified

Heaviest baby in the world…

Spaceship… nobody there.

Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks;  otherwise it will digest itself. Now you know everything! 

umm… ok then!

Enjoyed that Boiler Room set on youtube did you? Rip it here like.

Good 80's party mix from Trevor… looking forward to tomorrow.

My computer has made me very angry this week… but then it always does.

Thanks Buddha.


Thank god for that!