This Week…. Grow Your Own Food!


No, really, you probably should. At least if the upcoming ‘Festival Of Brexit’ is anything to go by then we should probably all expect to be eating nothing but beans and potatoes by 2022. That’s right, the Government announced plans for a special celebration of Britain next year, complete with a ‘dedication to Great British weather’ and ‘grow your own food’ initiatives. The future looks bright, eh? 

Oh and it’s going to cost £120m – so there’s that. 

Meanwhile the vaccine wars rage on and Boris was ever so elegantly spoken as to imply that Britain’s successful programme has been as a result of greed and capitalism. Exactly what you want when you are looking to coordinate successful, collaborative trade deals with a union of countries you’ve just patched in an unseemly manner. 

Elsewhere, raves are being planned for the summer. The Streets celebrated this with the release of a future anthem called ‘Who’s Got The Bag’ – a testament to modern life in London and the UK in general. 

Anyway, as Bug Bunny said:

“That’s all folks!”

Until next time…